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When you are off on your movements, quite possibly the main exciting point is well-being. It would be best to protect yourself with anti theft backpack; however, you also need your possessions to be protected. You ought to never leave your sack unattended, yet shouldn’t something be said about when you have a pack with you? Would this be able to be altered or even taken? It can!

Therefore, there are countless anti theft backpack choices available. This component is much more significant regarding backpacks, basically because the sack isn’t next to you or before you. It’s behind you, where you can’t perceive what’s happening.

As a result of the colossal assortment of hostile to best anti theft backpacks available, you need to realize what to search for. We will help you pick the best anti-theft bags to prevent you from being ransacked while voyaging.

Not at all like regular satchels, theft proof backpack has been explicitly intended to help ensure your effects when you travel.

Regardless of whether you are holding up in an air terminal, on a train station, strolling through a bustling road, or sitting at a café, it would be best if you were sure your effects and resources are free from any harm with a pickpocket-proof backpack.

If you make a trip routinely or drive to work or school, anti-theft travel backpacks are savvy speculation. They give you a more fantastic feeling that all is well with the world that your stuff is securely stowed away.

Table of Contents

Anti Theft Backpack Guide For Buyers

The best anti theft backpacks will give you the significant serenity that your visa, Mastercards, camera, and other essential things are securely put away regardless of where you are. There is various distinctive anti-theft in travel backpacks. Not all movement-safe packs have all highlights, so we have recorded the theft-proof includes underneath to assist you in choosing which highlights are generally critical to you.

Anti Theft Backpack

Following are the best guide for anti theft backpack. As anti theft backpack posses such qualities for being the best anti theft backpack.


Although there is a lot of variety is available of pickpocket proof purses in different sizes. You decide which size do you need. Either you use it for a day, need a more secure backpack, or regularly, etc.

If you are a parent, you need a large size best travel daypacks to keep kids’ items. Like their hats, gloves, sweater or water bottle, etc., when you are looking for slash proof bags for college, you need a large one because you have to keep your laptop, books, etc., in it. If you carry only a camera, wallet, water bottle, etc., you need maybe a small lockable backpack.

When you are going to buy anti pickpocket, consider your height too. Sometimes backpacks are longer and not easy to carry.


When you are going to buy the best anti theft purse must consider how many pockets are there. Also, consider either hidden pockets and external pockets. It will be beneficial for you. If pockets have zip, it is safe during traveling.

Easy to Carry

Everyone has a different zone of comfortable. It varies according to the time duration of carrying and also depends on your height. If traveling backpack amazon has a pad on the backside and shoulder straps, it is easy to carry; comfort also depends on foam quality.

Locking Cable Build-in

If an anti theft camera bag has a built in locking cable, you can tie your backpack with any object like a table, chair, etc., and enjoy freely mind. Because during traveling it is difficult for you to keep your things and luggage safe.

Some companies offer locking facility at shoulder straps; some have integrated while some offers separately.

Top Picked:

XD Design Bobby XL  Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

KOPACK Slim Laptop Backpacks Anti Thief

Sherpani Quest, Anti Theft for Women

Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L GII Anti Theft Backpack

Pacsafe Venturesafe GII 25 Liter Anti Theft Travel Backpack

This Pacsafe backpack hostile to anti-theft backpack is a dazzling and energetic backpack, with a few anti-theft highlights to give it an edge over different loads in a similar reach. It is made of solid Nylon with a polyester covering. The bag is lightweight and truly tough. It has a treated steel wire network inside the texture, which goes about as a theft-proof boundary, unquestionably enough for an excursion.

A security snare joins the lash and RFID impeding material in the fundamental compartment to guard your personality. There is space for a 15″ laptop inside the bag, its own cushioned sleeve, and a different front compartment, which closes with a solid zipper. It is a perfect hidden pocket bag for movement, ostensibly extraordinary compared to other RFID backpacks. Likewise, you can utilize it for your drive to work or somewhere else, making it adaptable as an inside and out the item.

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS150 7 Liter Anti Theft Sling Backpack

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS150 7 Liter Anti Theft Sling Backpack - Fits 7 inch Tablet with RFID Blocking Pocket and Lockable

An anti theft backpack. As far as a bag that considers each need you could have while in a hurry, this is your optimal decision. Loaded with highlights while likewise looking beautiful and lively simultaneously, the Life pack has gained notoriety on purpose.

This anti-theft laptop backpack includes a combination of Polyester and polyurethane. It highlights cushioning at the base, with 2 cm of wipe cushioning on the back area for additional solace. The hidden pocket bag is likewise shockingly lightweight thinking about its highlights, at simply 2.46lb. You can carry a standard 15.6″ laptop inside.

Water-safe, this anti-theft travel bag will protect your assets with a coordinated lock and solid zip. Moreover, an enemy of the cut plastic layer across the external makes this a cut-confirmation backpack. You will discover a shades pocket and a water bottle pocket. It is likewise a backpack with covered-up pockets, two on the back and two on the ties. There is a lot of space inside such theft-proof bags, just as lockable compartments for well-being.

What makes the Lifepack the best anti-theft laptop bag for movement, notwithstanding, is the Powerbank. It implies you can charge your cellphone or tablet in a hurry by USB, utilizing sun-based force. The unit can come in and out, so you can pick when you need to use it.

There is additionally an implicit Bluetooth speaker, so you can tune in to your tunes as you move around. You can undoubtedly energize two gadgets simultaneously while tuning in to your music.

In general, this is the lord of bags. It has everything, and it has significantly more, making it one of irrefutably the most delightful hidden pocket backpacks for movement available at present. An energetic and smooth appearance, the capacity to charge your telephone any place you go, and a lot of room and security, as well.

Korin Design ClickPack Pro Anti Theft Backpack

This secure backpack is a genuinely jazzy and modern-looking knapsack, which accompanies a scope of various highlights. Likewise, it is an honor-winning secure travel backpack, as it won the Good Design Award in 2017!

There are three fundamental security highlights on this well-being secure travel backpack, including a TSA lock, a retractable metal wire lock, and a twofold layer texture, hostile to slice, with strong zippers. There are five principle stockpiling compartments inside the lockable backpack, so you can undoubtedly orchestrate your things without everything winding up in a similar spot. Likewise, there is a USB charging port inside the sack, so you don’t need to stress over glimmering red lights on any of your gadgets.

From a solace perspective, the pack has movable cushioned ties, and the back area is intended to be breathable during the blistering climate of mugginess. The bag is additionally designed to circulate weight uniformly to keep away from back strains and throbs. In case you’re searching for a secure travel backpack with locks, this one would be a great decision.

Pursuit 17-Inch Waterproof Anti Theft Backpack Business Travel Computer Bag

In case you’re searching for the best anti-theft waterproof travel backpack, this is an outstanding choice for you.

This anti-theft laptop backpack excellent for business travel since it effectively obliges an enormous laptop, up to 17″. Numerous bags oblige the commonly measured laptop, so this is a significant advantage for the individuals who favor a more extensive screen size on their innovation. The bag is super waterproof and has a high limit, making it simple to discover your things without them assembling at the lower part of the bags.

The texture of this security backpack is tough and durable, and a stun retention framework ensures your effects against any effect. As far as solace, the cushioned back segment and the cushioned shoulder ties imply that you will not get sore while conveying the sack, assuaging any tension on your shoulders, which can prompt a throbbing painfulness.

Macro Lockable Travel Backpack For Laptop

It is an energetic-looking theft-proof backpack that is ideal for everyday use or, in any event, for work excursions. This anti-theft computer backpack has a different compartment for a laptop of up to 17″ in size, just as three other principal compartments and nine little pockets on the inside. Likewise, two pockets outwardly are fixed, so you can store little things without agonizing over them being lost or taken. These pockets likewise assist you with getting your things sorted out more straightforward.

There is a USB charger outwardly of the back and charging links within, so you don’t need to part open your bag to charge your cellphone while you’re making the rounds. Well-being highlights incorporate a theft-proof lock and solid zippers.

The actual bag is made of solid Nylon and has two cushioned shoulder lashes for solace.

Oscar Anti-Theft Hidden Zipper Secure Backpack

Oscar Anti-Theft Hidden Zipper Secure Backpack

Trendy and advanced in a plan, this anti-theft travel backpack has numerous security choices and helpful bags concerning the amount it can hold. The central compartment zipper is covered up away, and there is additionally a mysterious pocket to the back of the pack. This rucksack with a back pocket allows you to store fundamental things, safe, realizing that no one can contact them except for you.

There are an inherent USB charger and link inside the bag for charging gadgets in a hurry. The ties are cushioned and movable, and the back segment contains EVA material, which ensures your back and gives breathability. There is an intelligent strip on the back for safe going around evening time.

The enormous principal compartment of this covered zip backpack is exceptionally roomy, and there is a versatile area to hold your laptop, up to 15.6″ in size. Likewise, more modest compartments inside the bags guard your more modest things coordinated and safe.

Briggs & Riley Business Waterproof Anti-Theft Backpack Fits Up To 15.6″ Macbooks

This Briggs & Riley backpack with anti-theft highlights is delightful and be utilized for movement or regular use, contingent upon your requirements. The hidden pocket bag effectively fits a laptop or Macbook up to 15.6″ in size, which is the expected size of these sorts of gear. This secret compartment backpack is water-resistant, making it ideal for use in all conditions, and it is made of durable Nylon with a sturdy, double access zipper.

The general plan makes it hard for criminals to get to any of your possessions inside the bag while additionally being agreeable to convey, with cushioned shoulder ties and easing on the back segment. There is additionally a circle handle on the top to snatch the bag and go rapidly.

Logged Anti Theft USB Charging Travel Backpack

Alongside being snazzy, this secure pocket of the backpack has numerous well-being and security highlights, which will protect your possessions. The closed bag has three primary pockets, which are adequately extensive to hold all your top things, just as seven little pockets within to defend your little things. What’s more, a laptop/tablet space will fit a gadget up to 16″. There is a further pocket on the rear for anything you need to keep super-protected.

This secure pocket of the backpack has the additional element of an outside USB interface, which implies you can energize your gadgets without opening up the rucksack and hazard security issues. The zips are likewise solid and sturdy; however, side and front clasps add additional security.

The bag’s back has a solace framework intended to be breathable, and the lashes are thick and flexible for additional solace.

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic 17″ Backpack

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic 17" Backpack

In case you’re an energetic backpack nerd, this lively yet beautiful-looking anti-theft bag is ideal for business or day use. Since it is slimline and lightweight, it makes conveying such a great deal simpler. This everyday theft-proof bag’s most excellent anti-theft highlight is the secret zippers, making it practically outlandish for a pickpocket to get inside the bag.

The traveling anti-theft bag is water repellent, so your things stay dry and safe, and the bag can likewise fit a laptop up to a massive 17″, which is an element that numerous bags can’t boast.

The primary compartment opens at a 90-180-degree point so you can, without much of a stretch, discover what you’re searching for, and inside you will find ten scaled-down compartments for your more modest things. The laptop compartment is likewise ensured with an air pocket froth layer to retain any effect. On top of this, the cushioned shoulder ties and back segment make conveying the pack agreeable.

Samsonite Travel Laptop Bag Anti Theft

It has a lot of room inside it. There is a different compartment to hold a laptop or tablet, which will oblige a gadget up to 15.6″ in size. The primary chamber is enormous, and there is another front compartment with a few more modest pockets inside it and an essential coxcomb snare.

The back is made of sturdy polyester material, waterproof, and has a plan to permit air to stream without any problem. The shoulder lashes are cushioned and customizable for solace, and there is a froth top handle, additionally cushioned, for conveying. Security highlights incorporate a secret anti-theft pocket on the back, just as solid zippers.

The theft-proof travel bag likewise has a USB charging port and link for keeping in contact with friends and family while you’re moving. That in itself is a security include!

Targus Drifter Computer Backpack Travel Daypack For 14 Anti Theft Waterproof

Targus Drifter II Backpack

This secret compartment backpack looks proficient and popular. The plan is slimline, so it isn’t cumbersome when you’re conveying it to any place you need to go. It can consolidate a laptop up to 14″, so journals are ideal for this specific safe backpack. The nature of the material is high, as it is against wrinkle and hostile to scratch and is made of thick Nylon for toughness. The lashes are built up and cushioned for strength and solace, and there is a lot of room inside.

The main compartment incorporates a laptop sleeve and ten little boxes to store more modest things, including an umbrella and chargers. The additional items contain a lash for shades and an opening for your headphones, just as an elasticated pocket for a water bottle as an afterthought. The security is high, as well, with anti-theft zippers and twofold layers for assurance.

Uoobag AD-04 Business Laptop Backpack 15.6 Inch For Men With Durable Mats Projector Bags Carrying Case Black

This security bag is intended for men, with a smooth, professional, however energetic appearance and a lot of space for all you may require for an end of the week away or an excursion for work. The plan makes it agreeable to convey, with an idea about the side to get the bag rapidly, just as a chest tie and an anti-theft clasp to protect everything. The shoulder ties are cushioned, and the back segment is made of breathable texture.

The secure bag is water-impervious to an undeniable level, and the primary compartment has two-route zippers to give you considerably more anti-theft security. The base area is cushioned and has a tangle to keep the bag from getting filthy, so you can put the bag down and don’t need to stress over harm or earth. Likewise, you can effectively oblige a laptop up to 15.6″ while the laptop compartment is cushioned to protect your innovation.

Amazon Basics Anti-Theft Premium Backpack – Black

It is an anti-theft backpack with supported terminations and has an undetectable telephone pocket, making it safer. It contains various pockets and compartments for keeping gadgets and basics coordinated items and moving top backpack-style configuration, which constantly supports substance protection. Anti-theft backpack’s Strong metal zippers by which bags are safe and secure. Its making is Water-safe Polyester with cushioned shoulder straps. This anti-theft backpack is suited for laptops up to 15.6 inches.

Pacsafe Men’s Metrosafe X Anti Theft 25L Backpack-With Padded 15″ Laptop Sleeve, Carbon Grey

This anti-theft backpack has lockable Zippers and Cut Proof Material (lightweight steel network) to safe theft, in addition to an RFID impeding pocket to keep your Visas/IDs safe. This new 2020 rendition can be gotten and additionally bolted to apparatuses with a separable anchor lash. It is organized as 2 Lockable Zipper Compartments (can be bolted w/latch; not incl. ). W/Padded 15″ Laptop Sleeve and Padded 10″ Tablet Sleeve, 1x RFID safe Pocket, w/Key Clip, Card Slots; 1 Zippered Fast Access Pockets; Hidden Back Pocket, 2x Side Pockets.

This Anti-theft bag also produced using Recycled Polyester. Polyester created using reused plastic waste, like plastic containers. Material has similar quality as fresh out of the plastic new Polyester with a more modest ecological impression for earth careful voyagers and workers. This backpack is Ideal for overseas trips. It has excessively comfortable cushioned shoulder ties and eased back help. Accompanies a baggage slip that slides over handles of the wheeled pack, and external connection focuses on shoulder ties and molle lashes for little things like pockets. Measurements of this Anti-theft backpack are 18. 9 “H x 12. 2 “W x 7. 1” D, 2. 2 lbs. Making of this backpack is delicate, solid, water-safe, and simple to clean off. Reused Polyester to guarantee secure and enduring use regularly and during the ends of the week. Accompanies a 5-year Pacsafe.

Kenneth Cole On Track Pack Vegan Leather 15.6″ Laptop & Tablet Bookbag Anti-Theft RFID Backpack for School, Work, & Travel, Brown, Laptop

Kenneth Cole Leather 15.6" Laptop & Tablet Bookbag Anti-Theft RFID Backpack

Anti-theft radio recurrence recognizable proof (RFID) obstructing innovation to help block radio waves from being communicated from U. S. travel papers and certain credit/check cards. Its laptop pocket is cushioned to fit most laptops with up to a 15.6-inch screen. This theft-proof bag is reliable, grainy faux leather outside with a tear-safe, wholly lined inside. Principle compartment inside highlights a cross-section zipper pocket, double open slip pockets, and a lot of room to store your things. Back outside highlights a cushioned air-network backboard, streetcar burrow, and flexible cushioned shoulder straps.

Pacsafe Women’s Citysafe CX 17L Anti Theft Backpack-Fits 16 inch Macbook Pro, Econyl Storm, One size

Pacsafe Women's Citysafe CX 17L Anti Theft Backpack

With Interlocking Zippers, cut-safe Shoulder Strap, and removable, network lined RFID Blocking pocket to keep your Visas/IDs safe. It is licensed in the USA by Pacsafe, the first anti-theft brand. This anti-theft backpack can be locked to fixtures. Adjustable, cushioned shoulder tie is separable and supported with wire. This theft-proof bag can be gotten (alternatively w/lock, not incl. ) to tables or seats to secure your telephone, camera, laptop, journal, wallet, cash, identification, and so on.

This theft proof backpack is organized as 1* RFID Blocking Front Zip Pocket, 1* Interlocking Zipper Main Compartment, w/1* Padded Sleeve (Fits 16″ Macbook Pro), 1* RFID Blocking Zippered Interior Pocket, 4* Card Slots, 2* Expandable Side Pockets for Water Bottles or Umbrella. Althought it is compact but its roomy backpack, wide opening with a lot of space for your coat, note pad, cell phone, charger and other travel basics. Measurements of this theft proof bag is 15.8 “H x 11.0 “W x 5.9” D, 1.55 lbs. Made of delicate, solid, water-safe, and simple to clean recovered Nylon and reused Polyester to guarantee durable use ordinary. Accompanies a 5-year Pacsafe guarantee.

Sherpani Quest Anti Theft Backpack for Women

sherpani quest anti theft backpack

Sherpani Quest anti theft backpack is an excellent choice for those searching for the best women anti theft backpack. It has padded flexible straps. Rfid backpack has one main compartment with many inside pockets to organize your many things, two outside pockets, and two side pockets.

It has separate pocket for sunglasses which makes them more attractive. It is RFID protected, have lock in outside pockets and in the primary compartment, a clip lock exists. A chair loop lock is also available, which permits you to tie your bag with a table, chairs, or anything—the lockable backpack make of nylon and mélange, which is waterproof material.

Traveling backpack amazon has more variety on stylish anti pickpocket wallets, tote bags, cross body bags; you can choose which suits you. It has a lifetime warranty.

Product Information

Dimensions: 11”x15” x5”

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Color: Sterling, Carbon, Copper

XD Design Bobby XL  anti theft bag

XD Design Bobby XL anti theft bag

XD Design backpack is a famous and modern anti theft bag. It has a hidden zip, USB port, and charger. Bobby anti-theft backpack design for both males and females means it is a unisex bag. There are many hidden pockets and having easy access to your ticket or cellphone. Backpack with hidden pockets molds at your back for equal distribution of weight. Slash proof bags open in three ways 30 degrees, 90 degrees, and 180 degrees. Bobby backpack review has a single compartment. The material of this bag cut proof and waterproof. 17″ laptop fits in it and also a tiny tablet too. It has two years of warranty.

Product Information

Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 12.4” x 4.9” x 18.1”

Weight: 1.98 lbs (0.90 kg)

Colour: grey, black, navy

Pacsafe  Stylesafe Anti Theft Backpack

Pacsafe  Stylesafe Anti Theft Backpack

pacsafe luggage is best for one day trip. You can keep a small laptop and table in it. Pacsafe crossbody has two separate pockets for bottle holder on the outer side so that during traveling, you can easily drink water. The pacsafe messenger bag has an RFID pocket and some small pockets too in which you can keep your things organized. Pacsafe sling bag has flexible straps, zips which also have a clipper to make it more secure. The material cut proof.

Product Information

Dimensions: 4.7” x 10.2” x 14.6”

Weight: 13 ounces

Colour: mocha,navy,black

Slim kopack anti theft travel backpack

Slim kopack anti theft travel backpack

It is having an overall capacity of 20 liters. kopack anti theft travel backpack has three main compartments. The hidden pocket is inside the shoulder straps for more security; zip can lock to D ring although no lock provides. The main front compartment has many small pockets; there is no backpack lock, so don’t keep your id, cards, passport, etc. Travelon anti-theft classic backpack has a USB  charging port on the outside to charge during traveling. It fits 15.6″ laptops, best for local tours. It is a unisex bag.

Product Information:

Dimension: 17.7” x 11.8” x 7.1”

Weight: 1.94 pounds

Colour: grey, dark grey, charcoal black, purple, magenta

What you should Looking For When Purchasing An Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Pick the best anti-theft backpack can be overpowering, for the most part, due to every one of the choices. Here, we will help you restricted down what to search for in every backpack security.

Does the backpack have a specific security highlight, e.g., RFID impeding innovation or an anti-theft zipper? This bag keeps your identification and charge cards by obstructing any opportunity of fraud. It is something you ought to consider when you make a buy positively. Is the backpack explicitly intended for security, e.g., against anti-theft? Or, on the other hand, is it an ordinary backpack?


Once more, does it have RFID innovation? Is it a backpack with covered-up pockets? Is there a backpack lock? Does it have any extra highlights that make it stick out? Numerous bags that are explicitly hostile to anti-theft have the RFID highlight. In any case, they could likewise have super-solid zooms, just as little compartments covered up inside the bag to keep your super-significant things much more secure.


It is about the foundational layout of the backpack. What size do you require? In case you’re not taking off on a colossal experience, an enormous exploring sack will be too huge for you. Likewise, on the off chance that you head off to someplace for a more extended time, you would prefer not to select a too-little bag.

It would be best if you took a gander at the number of pockets and compartments incorporated, and you likewise need to realize how simple the pockets are to get to. How would you convey the bag? Does it have lumbar help? Does it have cushioned shoulders? Solace is similarly significant.


This bag is significant if you’re crossing troublesome territories or, in case, you’re going out in the downpour a ton. You don’t need your possessions to get wet! You likewise need to realize that the lashes are built up and will not break when you gather the bag to its most extreme. Surveys are what you need here, just as checking about where the support parts are.


Everybody needs a bag that looks like it, so tracking down an appealing one is significant!


A few backpacks convert into a daypack when you head out for a day climb or comparable exercises. This bag is helpful because it implies you don’t need to convey a gigantic backpack with you when you’re just taking off the lodging/camp for a couple of hours.

How To Avoid Pickpockets

Here are essential tips to stay away from pickpockets before you head outside:

1.Use the counter anti-theft highlights of your pack. Lock the backpack compartments. This backpack is the absolute best tip for how to forestall pickpocketing.

2.Place resources like your wallet and identification inside a zippered inward pocket in a bolted compartment of your backpack.

3.Take just what you need out with you and lock the remainder of your resources in your lodging in the Pacsafe compact safe. A pickpocket can’t take what you don’t convey with you. We will regularly bolt away our visas, additional Visas, and tech gear in the Pacsafe versatile safe when out touring.

4.Keep your wallet bolted away and convey a modest quantity of money and a solitary Visa in a front pocket for buys.

Here are our top tips for how to forestall pickpocketing when you are out touring:

1.Always secure your sack while putting it down, for example, in air terminals, trains, and eateries. This bag could be pretty much as essential as putting the lash around the leg of a seat or bolting it to a table.

2. Don’t store your wallet or cell phone in your back pocket – this is a practical objective for pickpockets.

3.Be mindful of your environmental factors, especially at occupied vacation destinations, on open vehicles, around evening time, and in eateries. Peruse the standard pickpocket methods underneath.

4. Don’t leave your bag unattended.

5.In occupied business sectors or on the jam-packed public vehicle, bring your backpack around and wear it on the front. Not all that cool, however, protected.

6. Don’t leave your cell phone on the eatery table or have it out when sitting tight for a train or transport.

7.Keep DSLR cameras far away. When utilizing them, utilize a cross-body lash like this one to tie down them to your body.

Are Anti Theft Backpacks Worth The Money?

Theft-proof baggage can cost more than a standard travel backpack. However, losing your wallet, camera, or visa will cost significantly more. Besides, who needs the issue of attempting to supplant these things when you are an extended get-away?

Enjoying the psyche’s harmony that your things are protected in anti-theft gear is a little cost to pay.

Also Read : Top Best carry-on Luggage with Laptop Compartment & Buying Guide.


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