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Best European Cities to Visit 

Last Updated on March 13, 2021 by travelenviro

Best European Cities to Visit 

We know that the whole world has been stopped due to the COVID 19 pandemic, and so as your traveling plans. The only thing you will be dreaming about right now is to visit your favorite destinations once the pandemic comes to an end. Now, as the whole situation is under control, so it’s the right time to plan your trip and move to your favorite destinations without any delay.

Europe has always remained one of the favorite destinations for travelers to explore the beauty and traditional cultures. Here we have the list of the best European cities you should visit on your next solo trip. Let’sLet’s jump into the list right now!


Undoubtedly one of Europe’sEurope’s most charming cities, you will experience entirely at ease exploring Florence alone. It may be an exceptional selection seeing that there is such a great deal to know that you would have to make compromises if you have been there with anyone else. Many college students and ex-pats determine to stay right here, so a group of locals and foreigners aren’t always hard. There are many Italian language colleges, so growing a new community of friends will be tremendously easy.


Being on my own in the City of Music can be the best chance to give way a rich chocolate torte with an apricot jam filling. And take a sip of a warm drink in an ordinary cafe in the town center. Always try to go in opera hours in Vienna! Even if you are no longer a track expert, you will love the scene here. PS: Vienna additionally ranked in the top 5 for personal protection rankings in a find out about for ex-pats this year.

Budapest, Hungary

Eastern Europe is surprisingly more cost-effective than Western Europe, so if you visit on a shoestring, Budapest may want to be a superb choice for your budget. Not many comprehend that this town is genuinely made of Buda and Pest, divided using the Danube River. Despite being smaller than the diverse metropolis, the city is packed with matters to do and see and extraordinary meals, and an exquisite public transport system.

PS: if you are looking for nightlife, dozens of nightclubs and bars are in old artistic warehouses and deserted buildings.

Paris, France

Paris may also be the town of love. However, that would not suggest that solo travelers are not welcome. The city attracts tens of millions of travelers from all over the world each year, so assembly fellow travelers will be simpler than you think. 

One of the aspects I love the most doing while traveling by myself is taking my time to admire galleries and museums, so consider that with the aid of journeying to Paris alone, you will have the exchange to wander around the Louvre (and all various attractions) for as long as you like soaking up records and artwork like by no means before. You can additionally take a seat at one of the many cafes and watch existence and stylish Parisians passing by.

London, UK

London’sLondon’s giant measurement can be overwhelming for a solo traveler. However, it is pretty perchance one of the best cities to discover thanks to its remarkable public transport gadget and the reality that everyone speaks English. 

Walking about London is also one of the pleasing ways to see how giant the British Capital is. There’sThere’s Hampstead, with it it’s especially houses; there is edgy Shoreditch with its bearded hipsters, however, Brixton and Soho. It’sIt’s not possible to get bored in London, so make sure to get a quality flat white from one of its many lovely coffee shops.

Seville, Spain

This charming and small Spanish city is best for solo vacationers searching for a sunny vacation spot crammed with things to do and social gatherings. Set right in Andalusia’sAndalusia’s center, Seville facets a combination of north-African, European, and Jewish cultures, which are mirrored each on the structure and the nearby cuisine. 

Indeed, you will be invited to some underground bars to dance flamenco when you consider that Spanish locals are likely amongst the friendliest in Europe, and meals and lodging are pretty cheap.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

I frequently traveled to Luxembourg when I used to be in London’s historic company job. I should admit that I used to spend most of my time at the workplaces; however, in a few instances, I determined to spend the weekend there, and what a high-quality surprise! Luxembourg is minuscule in evaluation to most different international locations in Europe and beyond; however, I wager this makes it unique. 

The small dimension of the town makes it best to stroll around. Another plus is given using the truth that being off most travelers’ route, you can nearly experience like you are touring an unspoiled and usual place. There are thousands of ex-pats living in Luxembourg (many companies have their European HQs there for tax reasons), so you will discover a stunning giant global neighborhood for such a tiny city.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

I used to be in Ljubljana for my birthday these 12 months, and I genuinely fell in love with the metropolis (and the relaxation of Slovenia!).

I am happy I went this year because I assume it will be a plenty more excellent famous vacation spot in a few years. It’sIt’s low price and it has a laid vibe again; it points to heaps of edgy espresso stores and bars, and it is an area I will indeed name home for a while.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland being named the most peaceful place in Europe according to the closing year’s Global Peace Index, protection is not often an issue for guests in Reyjavik. If, on the one hand, the Capital is pretty steeply-priced and traveling round can be difficult without a car, there are many approaches to beat the trade rate, like becoming a member of one of the free town strolling excursions, and ingesting at the most famous spot in the city, the Baejarins Beztu Pysur warm canine stand (yes, the one Kim Kardashian went to).

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