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Categories: Travel Info

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Best GoPro Accessories for Travel

Last Updated on October 19, 2020 by travelenviro

Best GoPro Accessories for Travel

Investing in some GoPro add-ons will vastly make bigger the competencies of your camera. GoPro is sincere as a good deal about the total ecosystem of add-ons as it is about the digicam itself.

The following GoPro add-ons are advocated for lively guests looking to seize their time out in an excellent viable way. I will spotlight some third-party add-ons that are less expensive than the professional GoPro ones, which let you obtain the same things.

1 | Stabilized Gimbal: Feiyu G4

If you purchase one accent for your Go Pro, then make it a stabilized gimbal. A gimbal is a small grip that holds the GoPro in the area and lets you shoot a superbly comfortable video via stabilizing the camera. Without a gimbal, the handheld photos can often be very uneven and, therefore, tough to edit, and this is incredibly real when the use of the Go Pro backyard of water. 

We use a Feiyu G4 three-axis stabilized gimbal, and it captures very smooth, expert grade photos and is a breeze to use. It additionally comes with a spare set of batteries and a USB charger. There are many gimbals on the market; however, we determined the Feiyu G4 to be pleasant in terms of features. The distinction it has made to the best of our GoPro photos is fantastic, and we wouldn’t tour barring it! 

2 | Selfie stick/pole: Go Pole Reach

There are many poles and selfie sticks reachable for the GoPro, and the Go Pole Reach is our top pick. Ours has been in all places with us, from trekking in Norway to swimming in Thailand, and we notably advocate it.

It is compact, extraordinarily sturdy, extends to over four toes, and is in part buoyant (don’t go away it in the water too long or it will sink!). It also packs away to a quick structure aspect that can be healthy into most backpacks, making it splendid for travel.

3 | Tripod: GorillaPod SLR Zoom

The Gorillapod is best for vlogging, putting up selfie photographs, and recording time lapses with the Go Pro. We use the large SLR zoom model as it has a constructed-in speedy launch and ball head, making it less complicated to stage shots. It is studier than the smaller variations and will keep Elaine’s Fuji XT-10 micro 4/3rds digital camera for steady photos without difficulty.

4 | Spare batteries

GoPro’s fly via batteries! A sparkling Go Pro battery below everyday use, lasting around 30-40 minutes with the lower back display, became on. Our recommendation is to decide for the awful lot more cost-effective prevalent batteries when buying extras: we use the Smatree batteries and the handy USB charger.  

The batteries work outstanding and operate nearly as the legitimate Go-Pro batteries. We would endorse buying around six batteries to get you via a day of Go Pro action!

5 | Tripod Mount

This is one of the most inexpensive add-ons for the Go Pro, however a precious one. This allows you to join the Go Pro to any tripod with a thread: you’ll want one of these to hook up with a GorillaPod!

6 | Multidirectional microphone and adapter

When now not in the water, our Go Pro lives outdoor of its water-resistant case: usually in a skeleton case or in the Gimbal casing. Suppose you’ve ever observed how the audio on a Go seasoned isn’t gorgeous. In that case, it’s well worth investing in this mic and adapter to seize lots of higher audio: the result is a significant improvement in overall audio performance for your videos. The multidirectional mic capacity will select up your voice even if you are not speaking without delay to the GoPro, and far-off noise is remoted and no longer captured.

7 | Waterproof housing

One of the high-quality components of using a Go-Pro is the capability to take it into water. Ours has viewed the internal of thermal baths, been submerged in more than one oceans, swimming pools, lakes, rivers the listing goes on! We don’t use a useful buoyancy resource as we discover an easy rope on your hand works excellent!

8 | Anti-fog inserts

The GoPro is responsible for demanding condensation that type of interior the case and over the Go Pro lens, which is brought on by using the warmness from the digicam and moisture interior the case. If you use your Go Pro in the water for prolonged durations, you’ll want to choose up some of these. 

9 | Head mount

We use this instead of a chest mount as it is small to deliver touring and offers comparable effects to the area taking chest mount. Be cautious the use of this in water as diving can purpose it to fall off. It’s magnificent for motion shots!

10 | Suction Mount

This suction mount is extraordinary for shooting specific angles when capturing in motors or buses and is undoubtedly well worth the investment. We use it a lot on avenue journeys as it’s convenient to connect to the vehicle home windows or the exterior of the car. Once connected efficaciously, the mount is reliable!

Buy the reputable Go Pro Mount. It is incredibly sturdy and nearly aids a human body weight if it’s connected correctly! When attaching, make sure each the suction cup and floor are smooth and dry. Unlike different suction cups, this one must now not be moist at all when connecting.

11 | Spare mounts/parts

Always raise some spare mounts and bolts in your bag for the Go Pro, have confidence in us as they’ll show helpful one day! There is nothing worse than having an outstanding concept for a new shot to locate. You don’t have a spare bolt or angled mount for attachment!

12 |SD Cards and Hard Drives

Shooting HD pictures on your Go Pro can shortly fill up an SD card, so it’s continually really worth carrying a few spares. We discover these 32gb Sandisk playing cards work quality – it forces you to back up your photos often, and you can elevate more than one in your pocket.

For backing up photos, we use the rule of three – three copies in three distinctive locations. We preserve a replica on a micro SD and two additional documents on separate challenging drives. These every stay in individual bags, so the possibilities of all three luggage getting stolen are with any luck unlikely! Our non-public desire for challenging purposes is these Seagate passport drives. They’re low-priced and dependable and come in all places with us.

13 | SD card reader / micro SD adapter

As the Go Pro uses a micro SD card, you’ll want to lift a micro SD adapter or a USB card reader. We’ve misplaced a few SD adapters on our travels, so it’s worth investing in a first-rate USB card reader.

14 | Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

So you have acquired the beautiful pictures on your GoPro – now it’s time to make that into an awesome video! We use Adobe Premiere Pro for our video modifying – it’s very effortless to use, and its one of the quality video editors out there. It’s properly really worth the subscription.

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