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Categories: Carry On Luggage

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Best Luggage Brands For International Travel

Last Updated on December 23, 2020 by travelenviro

 Best luggage brands for international travel

Not all bags brands are created equal, and that is no longer, in particular, a terrible thing. Some are praised because of their legacy, others for their trendy layout or unbeatable price-quality ratio. Hence some goal a specific set of consumers, but some are pioneers in redefining the way we travel. This business is booming, with no signs and symptoms of slowing down. The world loves to travel!

But traveling has to be seamless, and that starts off-evolved with the bag selection. If you haven’t already, make investments in one which has you getting from A to B in style, adapts to your requirements, and also makes existence mails on the go simpler. To get you started, We’ve shortlisted the ten exceptional best luggage brands for international travel and available in the market now:

American Tourister


For an exact beautiful suitcase at lower- to mid-range prices, American Tourister may be an excellent baggage brand for realistic travelers. They might also not travel regularly enough to demand extraordinarily durable or luxurious luggage. Owned by the Samsonite, this extensively available and reliable brand consists of soft-side and hard-side bags in a range of daring colorings and finishes, baggage for children and adults.



The topmost carryon brands are Samsonite, which started around 100 years ago as a trunk brand the past. Its wide variety of products consists of hard-side and soft-side bags, garment bags, backpacks, and journey accessories. Four-wheeled spinners and gliders, with their lower core of gravity, are additionally blanketed in their product line. Available in all affordable range, Samsonite products provide durability, style, and value.



This mid-priced brand, a favorite of the flight team, provides fantastic quality, value, and durability. It was all invented by an airline pilot who diagnosed the want for wheeled luggage––and made it work. The famous Maxlite collection consists of soft-side and hard-side patterns in a different range of colors, two-wheel rollaboard, or four-wheel spinner. The just-launched Platinum Elite line, their whole high-end option, comes with top-class fabrics, leather-based trim, and a “Worry-Free” lifetime warranty.

Eagle Creek


This rugged carryon line has a casual, outdoorsy vibe with an emphasis on sturdiness and functionality. Sturdy, weather-resistant lined polyester fabrics, heavy-duty wheels, and puncture-proof lockable zippers make it equipped for sound remedy on lengthy trips, and the business enterprise backs it up with its “No Matter What” lifetime warranty. Above mid-range in price, realistic additions encompass a crucial fob with bottle opener and add-a-bag straps.

Delsey Luggage


Delsey increased into the carryon brand in 1970 with its first hard-case line. They specialize in hard-side bags, growing the first fashion with one primary compartment comparable to a soft-side bags configuration. Their product line additionally consists of fashionable and colorful soft-side bags, garment bags, and duffels. Known for innovative innovations, they provide lovely sturdiness and affordable market prices.

Briggs & Riley

Brig And Rally

Known for its fantastic lifetime guarantee, Briggs & Riley has delivered countless improvements that make packing simpler and greater efficient. Outside-mounted hardware presents a greater indoor area and a flat packing floor — fewer wrinkles. The brand’s unique CX enlargement and compression technology offers you a greater packing area and then return the bag to its actual size. In 1993, costs were a bit greater than mid-range; however, the fantastic and assurance applies even in airline wear-and-tear case as it provides excellent value.




Victorinox strives for the same versatility and performance in its carry one. They provide a range of patterns in hard-side and soft-side carryon at a cost factor higher than mid-range. Known for fantastic and durability, the brand entered the traveling world market in 1999 and rapidly grew to be a famous and revered brand.



This luxurious brand’s center of attention is fivefold, i.e., quality, durability, style, innovation, and client service. Above mid-range expenditures consist of complimentary monogramming, onsite repairs, misplaced bags tracking, and selections such as the “add-a-bag” system, making it handy to lift more items. Tumi’s stylish bags and add-ons are on hand in hard-side, delicate leather, and abrasion-proof ballistic nylon.



The company’s new tagline as “Since 1877,” is a reminder of its history, courting lower back to the days of brass-trimmed steamship trunks and glamorous railroad travel. Today, Hartmann stays dedicated to fashion and quality alongside the cutting-edge science in its Glider line of rolling bags. The Hartmann seems to be is traditional and luxe. After all, James Bond carried the Skymate suitcase in 1954’s “Live and Let Die.”



High-quality materials, reliability, and fashion-forward Italian layout make Bric’s a famous company with accepted fliers. This luggage has the best product made up of full leather-based material lightweight hard side luggage and soft side too made up of nylon material. Prices mirror the steeply-priced substances and diagram of the products. The high-end Bellagio series consists of ornamental and shielding leather-based trim for a basic look.

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