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north carolina beaches

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North Carolina Beaches are the best destination for enjoyment and relation tour to the beaches either with families or with friends or with a spouse. Carolina beach is best for summer as well winters. When you plan to go on beaches in NC for vacations, it includes walking, swimming, sitting on chairs on NC beaches, seeing the dancing waves, and enjoying delicious food and sandy shores. If you plan to go on North Carolina beaches, then read this article. It will assist you.

Best North Carolina Beaches

Beaufort North Carolina Beach

The beautiful and fantastic waterfront of Beaufort is the best place for everyone, either visitors or local ones. There are many places such as museums, quality restaurants, and specialty shops. You can enjoy the beach, water, sunbath, walking on beaches and many more. You can make delicious food from the restaurant and go shopping for yourself. Seeing the sunset in Beaufort is the joy able moment to end the day. Beaufort is a historical place too. Beaufort’s historic site is also the perfect place to visit, and it is the time to know about the area more. Museums describe the history of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Beaufort North Carolina Beach

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Surf City and Topsail Island

Surf City and Topsail Island are two different sites, but you can visit both at once. Using the swing bridge, which is not a famous bridge, but this bridge links the island’s mainland, you will reach the center of Surf City. It is an uncrowded nc beach. It’s a mixture of old and new-fashioned shops. But now there are also new shopping centers that offer various types of foods such as Italian food; fresh foods are available. Twenty-two flavored ice creams, too; topsail island attractions have been 25 years of all these. it also offers urgent care offices. There are many gifts shops.

Surf City and Topsail Island


Carolina Beach

Famous beach, Carolina beaches are situated almost one hour to the south of  Topsail Island. Carolina Beach is near Wilmington and also Cape Fear River.   This beach is precisely about what you dream for; you will enjoy having fun and making your moments more memorable. It is a beautiful uncrowded beach. The colorful boardwalk is also there lined in shops and restaurants. If you are not interested in swimming, there are more other things to enjoy. You can also enjoy fishing and paddle boating there.  You can take ice cream and can walk there.

carolina beaches

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Hatteras Island

Hatteras Island is the ideal place to visit if you want to take a break from your routine life problems. Its located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This island is covering a large area, half of the total length of the Outer Banks. When you visit, you will enjoy nature and can capture a lot of scenes of sands waters. You will also enjoy food from different restaurants and can go shopping there.

Bald Head Island

Suppose you are willing to visit Bald Head Island. You have to leave everything behind, including your car and have to take the ride of the ferry. You have to park your vehicle at the marina near Southport, take a ferry board, and in 20 minutes, you will reach in pristine beaches of Bald Head. Hence, the car is not allowed here; everything is available on footsteps or by bicycle, including many restaurants, shops, spas, golf courses, and many more.

Sunset Beach

As the name shows, it has endless sand stretches and beautiful sunset. There are either no commercial attractions no boardwalks, but you will get relax, can walk here, or also get the seashell collection. In this area, one tourist point is the Kindred Spirit mailbox. From all world people come here to visit it, the mailbox is in the middle area, uncrowded. People write their wishes, ideas, and thoughts in the mailbox for upcoming tourists.

Emerald Isle

emerald isle north carolina beaches situated at the end of Bogue Banks’s western side. One side is the Atlantic sea and on the another side is Bogue Sound. In summers, Emerald Isle is more crowded as compared to the winters. You can enjoy a morning walk and fishing there all day; you will enjoy the beach trip. There are more parks where you can spend your time; you can take a bike ride on the track at Emerald Woods Park and do other activities. In Emerald Isle, there is park Senator Jean Preston Memorial Park for children where a playground that all the children will like

Atlantic Beach

Atlantic beach is the little one on Crystal Coast; Bogue Sound and the Atlantic Ocean surround it. Boardwalk on Atlantic beach is the best activity for the best views of the ocean at any time of day. The park Fort Macon State Park, which recalls the history of the 18th century, visits it daily. Many other places attract you, not only for adults but also for kids, like Atlantic Beach Skate Park. In Eastern North Carolina, it is the largest skatepark. You can also enjoy fishing there and also enjoy the views of the ocean. Is it the best ocean beaches near me?

Carova Beach

Carova Beach is famous because its wild horses are there. If you want to visit some different place, you must visit Carova Beach. It has soft sand and a vast beach. On the beach, you can drive and go wherever you can to explore and to enjoy. Carova Beach is the place for shelling in the Outer Banks; you can also enjoying wildlife spotting here. You have to bring your supplies with you because there is no service is available.

Morehead City

Morehead city is the biggest North Carolina beach town. In downtown waterfront. Morehead City has fantastic views of the water and boats; there are more charter, local, and tour boats.

Fresh local seafood is available in bulk; it has a history in the fishing industry. If you want to enjoy seafood, then plan your tour in the days when North Carolina Seafood Festival conduct, which conducts during the fall season. Here seafood is so yummilicious; you have not ever tasted it before. Furthermore, there is a lot of entertainment and fun activities for the family at this festival.

Morehead City has many shopping centers too. You can buy antiques and other items to gift your family member.


Swansboro has beautiful views of fishing, fisherman, water, sands, and boaters. The waterfront of Swansboro has many antique shops, including treasures and clothes, art galleries, restaurants, and boutiques. You can do the shopping for yourself to memorize the trip, or gift your friend or family. There are also top quality restaurants that exist. You can get any food such as steaks or fresh seafood; you will get anything to eat you crave.

Nags Head Beach

Nags Head Beach is famous because it has clean and crystal clear water, golden sands, and wide beaches. For swimming, it is the best place. For decades, it is a famous and favorite beach for tourists. It is settled and formed in 1830, there is the availability of many hotels, and homes are also available for rent.

Tourists like to walk on the beach for 12 miles. A local fishing point locates 1000 foot long Jenette’s Pier. You can hire from the shop at the pier if you do not have your fishing gear. There is an aquarium at the pier. You have to pay a small number of fees for walking on the pier and some additional costs for fishing.

Kitty Hawk

At Kitty Hawk, a golden sandy beach spread for miles. You can select any patch according to your choice on the beach and start enjoying it. In Kitty Hawk, parking is easily accessible and is free of cost.  There is availability and accessibility of service is the main advantage of Kitty Hawk. There is a four-lane highway, so you can easily approach a wide range of restaurants, stores, and other shops, get anything you want for your beach outing.

Holden Beach

Holden Beach is a piece of paradise. It is the best family beach. It has a large stretch of sands in front of the Atlantic, ideal for shelling, strolling, and swimming. Holden Beach locates in Brunswick Islands. There is a wide range of restaurants on the other side. It is about 35 minutes away from the south of beaches in Wilmington NC; you can make your time best and memorable to visit Holden Beach. If you plan to stay here, then you can hire a hotel too. You will feel fresher and relax because there is no building which height is more than 35 feet.

Avon Beach

In Avon, there is less tourist focus, as it is small. You will not find any hotel or Ferris wheel here. You will see local grocery stores, local restaurants, and beaches. At the north of Avon, you see the broader beach with large dunes at the back. But at the south, beaches are narrow, and dunes are little. The central and famous place is Avon Fishing Pier which is best for gathering. By paying a small number of fees, you can walk on the pier. Here are shops from where You can get anything regarding fishing. Beaches homes are also available to visit here for rent.

Beaches of Ocracoke Island

If you plan to get off your routine life problems and refresh yourself, then you must plan to visit Ocracoke Island. As you enter here, your heart feels so relax. It is about 25 minutes on the ferry ride from Hatteras Island. As the island is not large, but beaches are large and uncrowded. There is a wide range of restaurants; you can enjoy different types of meals. You can also stay there by hiring hotels or beach houses.

Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville beach is just 30 minutes away from Carolina Beach and on the opposite side of  Wilmington’s end. It is a crowded place but looks fantastic. You have many options here to enjoy, such as a retro beach, clear crystal blue water, a wide range of open beaches, restaurants, hotels, etc.

In summers, Wrightsville Beach is more crowded as compared to winters, but in winters too, its beauty is at its peak. In Wrightsville Beach, there is more water sports activity like kiteboarding, paddleboarding, surfing, etc.

Book Your T

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Finalize Your Flight

Skyscanner or Momondo are two means by which you can finalize

your tour. you must choose authentic company and final all the things before.

Finalize your residence

You can finalize your tour by using as they are durable in every aspect.


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protection during protection can save you from any injury, snatching or robbery.

Final Thoughts

It has no farm far-reaching rundown of the multitude of best beaches, and it would take different lifetimes to visit them all (however, I’d be glad to attempt!).

That said, I think these are probably the best beaches in North Carolina for families in the world. Every last one of these is absolute paradise  by doing this. You will be not able to discover more lovely environmental factors than a portion of these islands.

Hence, could you not believe me, finalize your tour and go ahead and experiance it by yourself.


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