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Have you planned a road trip with your partner? Going on an adventure based and exciting road trip with your loved one partner is always a memorable experience to talk about with others. You get the chance to make some memories together and cherish them in the coming years until you stay together. 

Well, as you would take a look around, you will probably be finding so many amazing and exciting ideas of road trips for the couples. To help you a bit, we have compiled a list of remarkable and inspiring views of road trips for the couples to visit right now. Let’s have a quick look!

Iceland: The Ring Road

Since the year 2010, Iceland has remained one of the first favorite destinations in the world for adventurous traveling. This destination has some fantastic scenery scenes which you would love to capture from a bird’s eye view. Having just a few cars outside the Reykjavik and with some decent roads, Iceland road trip has become the top favorite. 

The Ring Road Of Iceland 1

You can start your road trip by heading your way to Iceland’s Ring Road, aka Route 1. This road is covering around 800 miles as around the entirety of this island. As you will head towards your way to Iceland, you can view some exciting sites like Snaefellsnes, or Vik, and Skogafoss, along with some lesser-known spots of Dettifoss.

Romania: Transfagarasan Highway

In the year 2009, Transfagarasan Highway becomes the part of BBC’s Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson, where it was entitled to be the “the best road in the world.” Today this road is known to be the first leading and famous tourist site because of its unusual, different turns and twists, which you will witness throughout your journey. This makes the entire trip extra hair-raising and iconic for you. 

Transfagarasan Highway

During the heavy winter snowfall, the road is mostly opened from June till October. Most of the time, due to the freaky snow, it might get closed as well! This can either stop the tourists from entering the destination or deprive them of leaving the goal and staying behind. 

USA: Pacific Coast Highway

Next on our list, we have the name of Pacific Coast Highway! Having a fantastic road trip towards the Pacific Coast Highway in California has made itself to be the most famous West Coast itineraries ever. The most worth and scenic road trip in the USA. It is covering around 590 miles. This road links some other significant destinations or destinations in which we have San Diego, or Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Francisco.

Highway 1 On The Pacific Coast, California, Usa.

Highway 1 on the pacific coast, California.

Being the part of this road trip destination, you can witness the beauty of some mesmerizing beaches, enjoy tasty Mexican food and perform some surfing spots all the time. The overall length period of this whole road trip is around one week, so probably you have to extend the road trip to approximately 3 days maximum in each city stay. 

Australia: Great Ocean Road

How can we forget mentioning the name of Great Ocean Road in Australia! This has been known to be the most scenic coastal drive in Australia that you would love to visit. You can quickly found it all along the South West coast of Victoria. It covers the space of around 249 miles through which you will grab the beauty of some fantastic spots. This can be 12 Apostles limestone stack formations, stunning Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve. You can make your way to Grampians National Park as well. 

Great Ocean Road

Scotland Highlands

Scotland’s North Coast 500 route hence starts in the Inverness, which is a gateway to Highlands. This road trip will be taking you further into the north, which is in the direction of John O’Groats and even Scotland’s northernmost coastal points. It is covering around 516 miles.

Scotland Highlands

As you travel through this whole destination, you will encounter the beauty of striking beaches, towering high mountains, and some mesmerizing sea views. All such scenic views will force you to visit Scotland again and again. 

Mount Cook in New Zealand

In the end, we have New Zealand! One of the first famous ad best destinations for the self-drive or the fly-drive holidays. The Southern Circuit area, which is located on South Island, is also known to be the ultimate New Zealand road trip best itinerary.

Mount Cook In New Zealand

It,s all starting from Christchurch, as this route will take you into the South as all through Dunedin and into the popular Te Anau and Milford Sound. Right through this point, you will also follow the route back, which is towards the Northside. This route will take you into the Western side of your island by completely bypassing Fox and Franz Josef glaciers. And then you can move towards the Greymouth. This route will be taking you back into the Christchurch by moving all across the New Zealand terrain by traveling on TranzAlpine scenic train.


Well, so many more outstanding and best ideas of road trips for couples which they should check out once in a lifetime. All the road trip ideas which we did mention right above for you are incredible in terms of beauty and nature.  

Are you ready to explore them all? 


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