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Categories: Carry On Luggage

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Best Rolling Laptop Bags for Business Travel

Last Updated on October 20, 2020 by travelenviro

Best Rolling Laptop Bags for Business Travel

Owning a rolling laptop bag is usually considered necessary for people who need to carry bulky documents and files daily. They are also useful for business professionals who travel frequently. Rolling laptop bags and briefcases make convenience and luxury top priority while retaining class and ritual. Lugging an important briefcase around is too inconvenient no matter the space one has got to cover.

However, a rolling laptop bag eliminates the strain attached to hauling large files, laptops, and other work materials.

For professionals that need to lug case files, documents and briefs around, rolling briefcases are a must-have. These briefcases have inevitably become the go-to option for frequent business travelers.

Top Best Rolling Laptop Bags for Business Travel 2020 Reviews 

1. Solo NY Walker Rolling Laptop Bag – Best All Round Product

Solo ny Walker Rolling Laptop Bag ReviewSolo Manufacturers may be a company created in 2008 to revive the dwindling luggage industry. Most of their inspiration is gotten from the daily hustle and bustle of the latest York. This explains why their design is exclusive to the town. However, this doesn’t limit their versatile bags to only ny.

One of our favorite products is that the Solo ny Walker Rolling Laptop Bag. It is excellent for business travel and a daily commute.

It has a built-in cushioned laptop compartment with tight straps to secure up to a 15.6-inch laptop. Its sturdy glide wheels also ensure easy navigation from one place to a different.

The bag has spacious, organized compartments to hold essential files, documents, and other work materials. It also features a full-size front zipper compartment with numerous pockets to carry smaller business essentials. 

Its concealed, retractable telescoping handle makes it easy to hold. This rolling laptop bag is crafted from the best leather.

Solo Ny Walker Rolling Laptop Bag



  • Travel-friendly design
  • Offers quick access to travel essentials and other essential items
  • Large organized compartments to store documents, files, and other work materials
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Locks can’t be fitted on the zippers
  • Not well-weighted, thus susceptible to tipping over


2. Solo ny Franklin Rolling Laptop Bag – Best Rolling Briefcase with a compact design

This is another beautiful product of the Solo design team. The Solo ny Franklin Rolling Laptop Bag takes its name from America’s founding fathers, Franklin. It is perfect for daily office commute and business travel. The cushioned compartment secures up to a 15.6-inch laptop.

The bag has large compartments to carry bulky documents, files, and other work materials. It also has two front zippered compartments to carry smaller business essentials. The Franklin rolling laptop bag features a retractable and detachable telescoping handle and wheel system. It comes with two padded top handles, which make it easy to hold.

Solo Ny Franklin Rolling Laptop Bag

The Solo ny Franklin Rolling Laptop Bag is crafted from premium leather with some plastic reinforcements. This bag is slim and lightweight.


  • Compact design
  • Padded and arranged compartments
  • A 5-year warranty
  • Made from bonded leather – leather and plastic


3. Samsonite Wheeled Catalog Case – Best Product with secure locks

Samsonite is one of the foremost widespread and top-selling brands within the luggage industry. It is a good selection of bags collections suitable for various sorts of people. A singular feature of this brand is how light its bags are. However, they are pretty sturdy and may withstand long-term wear and tear. 

The Samsonite Wheeled Catalog Case is ideal for carrying documents, files, and other work materials daily.

It is suitable for all kinds of individuals – students, business professionals, frequent business travelers, lawyers, etc. It comes with multiple compartments, which helps you stay organized on the go

Samsonite Wheeled Catalog Case.

It has an outsized padded compartment that will accommodate a laptop up to 17 inches. Its sturdy, retractable wheel and handle system allows for straightforward navigation. It is crafted from high-quality materials like 1680D polyester fabric, which reinforces its durability.

  • Perfect for everyday travel
  • Handle locks in an extended position
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • An easy-to-operate three-dial snap lock
  • Non-detachable laptop pouch
  • Does not fit legal-size folders
  • Limited warranty period (three years)


4. Samsonite 10392 Spinner Mobile – The best product with multiple organized compartments

This briefcase is another excellent product from a brand that lives up to its customers’ expectations. Moderately priced, professional, and functional, this rolling briefcase is meant to be a mobile office.

It is perfect for people that lug essential documents, files, and books around. It is also helpful for overnight business travelers who wish to travel light. The Samsonite 10392 Spinner Mobile features a padded compartment that will accommodate a laptop up to 15.4 inches.

Its sturdy four-wheeled system allows for easy mobility because it is often steered in any direction. Its retractable handle is usually adjusted to five different heights, which may be locked down. The outside is formed from fabric and nylon, while the inside features a layer of cloth lining.


  • Durable
  • Well-organized compartments
  • Bulky design
  • Absence of multiple compartments to store smaller business essentials
  • Prone to tipping over when the case is open, and therefore the handle is extended


5. Samsonite Luggage Women’s Spinner Mobile Office – The best product with a front pocket

Founded in 1910, Samsonite is one of the oldest and most reliable luggage manufacturers. It offers the right combination of great designs, quality features, and fair prices. The Samsonite Luggage Women’s Spinner Mobile Office is not any exception.

It is a smart and efficient way of carrying work materials for travel or a daily commute. It blends style with functionality effortlessly. The Women’s Spinner has large spacious compartments to accommodate laptops, binders, documents, and other business essentials.

This bag features a padded compartment that may accommodate a laptop up to fifteen.6 inches. It also comes with a padded accessory compartment. The four multi-directional wheels leave easy navigation.

The bag is meant with a retractable push-button handle. It is integrated into the structure of the pack.

This bag is crafted from pure polyester and is very water-resistant. Its Nylon lining helps keep your things safe and unharmed.

Samsonite Luggage Women's Spinner Mobile Office

  • Front pocket feature for iPad or tablet
  • Organized accessory compartments
  • Heavier than similar options


6. Swissgear Granada Rolling Case Nylon – Best rolling briefcase for overnight travel

Swiss Gear is one of the foremost reliable luggage manufacturing companies. Their products are designed to suit different purposes. They are great for everyday use, also like traveling and other occasions. The foremost remarkable thing about their products is that the 10-year extended variety.

This bag is ideal for frequent business travelers. It combines class and sturdiness, giving convenience an entirely new definition. Although it’s a softshell appearance, it can withstand long-term wear and tear.

The skate wheels leave easy maneuverability across different surfaces. It also complies with carry-on luggage restrictions. It is very spacious with separate compartments to accommodate several devices.

The Swissgear Granada features a Quik Pocket ahead to store smaller travel essentials. It also features a sizable overnight compartment and a business organizer with different slots and pockets. The inside compression straps help to stay things in situ. It can hold devices or books up to 17 inches. This rolling case is crafted from a scruff-resistant polyester fabric that helps to guard its contents.

Swissgear Granada Rolling Case Nylon


  • Large overnight compartment to suit one set of clothing
  • Easy access to smaller business and travel essentials
  • Fits under most airplane seats
  • Durable fabric
  • Heavier than similar options
  • No secure place to store a bottle of water
  • The front compartment cannot accommodate large gel pens


7. Wenger Luggage Patriot Rolling 2 Piece – A best rolling briefcase with a protective case

Wenger may be a company that features a wide selection of products catering effectively to its customers’ needs across the world. Although it initially started with manufacturing knives, it is recorded success in venturing into luggage carriers.

This bag is beneficial for day to day work hustle and business travel. It is a classic road warrior bag. It is an overnight compartment which will be wont to store clothes or larger business items.

This rolling two-piece features a padded compartment that protects laptops up to 17 inches. The zippered pocket at the highest of the bag allows for straightforward storage and access to essential items.

The bag features a zippered compartment at the front of the bag to store smaller business necessities. Its easy-glide wheels and recessed carrying handle leave smooth navigation.

Wenger Luggage Patriot Rolling 2 Piece


  • Matching, removable slim case
  • Lockable zippers on the laptop compartment
  • Chrome-accented wheels and handle system
  • No strap or hooks to connect a 3rd party strap
  • The handle might be a touch stiff to increase and stow


8. Samsonite 15.6-inch Classic Business Wheeled Business Case – Sturdiest rolling briefcase for future use

This bag is ideal for the frequent traveler. It is a sizeable overnight compartment with straps to stay folded clothes neat.

Open elastic mesh pockets store toiletries and accessories. A separate padded compartment with small pockets is employed to guard a laptop and other electronic devices. Another case holds files, notebooks, and other work materials. It is crafted from lightweight, water-resistant fabric.

Samsonite 15.6 Inch Classic Business Wheeled Business Case


  • Well-constructed
  • Four multi-directional wheels to permit easy navigation
  • Bulky design


9. Solo Lincoln Rolling Catalog Case – Best cost-effective rolling briefcase

Again, the Solo design team has taken its mission of reviving the bags industry to heart. The infusion of the latest York’s style with universality always makes its products remarkable. Most of their products are affordable, and each cent is reported to be worthwhile.

This bag is ideal for on-the-go professionals. It is very roomy and may accommodate many devices, files, and documents. Its rugged exterior combines class and sturdiness during a single package.

The rolling catalog case features a spacious main compartment that will accommodate quite one laptop.

It also features an extensive organizer section with a Velcro flap closure and one zippered pocket ahead. Aside from these, it’s two slip pockets, pen slots, and a key lanyard. Its sturdy telescoping handle system makes it easy to maneuver around.

Solo Lincoln Rolling Catalog Case


  • Dual combination locks
  • Fairly priced
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Durable and stylish matte leather finish
  • Slightly noisy wheels
  • Cannot withstand roughhousing


10. Solo ny Bryant – Most durable rolling briefcase

The final bag up for review is another Solo product. The Solo ny Bryant is a cheap rolling laptop bag that’s perfect for everyday use.

Its padded computer compartment can protect laptops up to 17.3 inches. Its front organizational pockets are often wont to store different types of business essentials. The bag’s telescoping handle allows for straightforward navigation.

Solo Ny Bryant

  • Travel-friendly
  • Durable exterior fabric
  • No spinner wheels


Best Rolling Briefcases And Laptop Bags – Buyer’s Guide

Switching from a standard briefcase or regular laptop bag becomes less stressful once you examine the benefits of utilizing a rolling briefcase. They provide a compact way of keeping essential items safe and arranged. They will be wont to store a tablet or a laptop, files, documents, writing materials, and cash, to say only a couple of.

With such an outsized sort of rolling briefcases available, finding the one most suited to your needs might be an exhausting task. Therefore, we’ve compiled this rolling briefcase buyer’s guide to assist you in understanding the intricate details of the right rolling bag for you. Let’s take a glance at the specifications and features that are worth exploring.

Who should use a rolling briefcase/laptop bag?

From students to professional workers, a rolling briefcase/laptop bag is often employed by anyone. The carrying devices and essential work gear methods have evolved with fashion and technology to become safer and more convenient.

Why should I exploit a rolling briefcase/laptop bag?

It is highly inconvenient to lug around an important briefcase, especially once you need to move from one place to another. It can cause your muscles to protest in pain, and you will find yourself looking tired and unprofessional before your day even starts. Thus, the usefulness of a rolling briefcase can’t be over-emphasized. It helps you stay organized and provides you quick access to all or any of your work materials on the go.

Other benefits of employing a rolling briefcase include an improved posture. Since you do not need to lug heavy work materials to and fro, there’s no pressure on your spine, and you’ll maintain a natural posture.

Another benefit is enhanced mobility. A rolling briefcase reduces the strain and hassle of carrying multiple bags and stacks of files. Its sturdy wheels and retractable handle leave smooth movement from one place to the opposite.

Key Considerations in Selecting a rolling briefcase/laptop bag

Personal preferences, aesthetics, and fancy features are essential in choosing an appropriate rolling briefcase. However, there are some fundamental considerations to stay in mind when buying your choice rolling briefcase. 

After researching and reviewing the highest professional rolling briefcases available, we’ve discovered many first considerations. These considerations include overall design, convenience, capacity, and security. 

  • Overall Design: 

Rolling briefcases are available in different shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. Since most briefcases are used for work, a comfortable yet classy design with a neutral color could be an appropriate option. Many stylish and compact designs would be perfect for any business professional. 

If you’re unrepentantly into bright colors, you’ll pick a rolling briefcase with a brightly-colored interior. If you are feeling bold enough, you’ll choose a rolling briefcase in your favorite color.

  • Convenience: 

One of the first advantages of a rolling briefcase is convenience. Therefore, it’s pertinent to make sure that your suitcase eliminates all sorts of inconvenience. Laptops, files, tablets, documents, and other essential work materials can become heavy to lug around. 

However, a rolling briefcase allows holding your work essentials around quickly. You would like to make sure that the wheel and handle system of your rolling briefcase works perfectly. An excellent rolling briefcase should have two to four multi-directional wheels to reinforce convenience. Some accompany a strap to enhance comfort further.

  • Capacity: 

This refers to what proportion of your items the briefcase can hold. Your suitcase must be large and spacious enough to accommodate all of your daily work materials. It should have a compartment large enough to carry your laptop. A padded compartment or one with secure straps is best because it would help protect your computer. It might be advisable to form a note of the size of your computer. This might assist you in selecting a briefcase that will accommodate it. 

Your rolling briefcase should even have separate compartments where you’ll store other items. If you are a frequent traveler, a rolling briefcase with an overnight compartment may best suit you. It’s going even to be helpful if you decide on a model with an organizer that permits you to store smaller business essentials.

  • Security: 

You would like to make sure that your rolling briefcase features a security mechanism in situ to safeguard your work materials. If security is especially vital to you, make sure that your rolling briefcase features a functional lock mechanism. 

Some briefcases are crafted from a cloth that’s immune to slashing or tearing. Some models can also have a hidden compartment to safeguard sensitive documents.

If your work materials’ security is of utmost importance, make sure that the rolling briefcase you select has a number of these security measures.

Rolling Briefcase/Laptop Bag Features

Here is an in-depth examination of many of the features available on many rolling briefcases on the market today.

  • Retractable Wheel and Handle System: Most rolling briefcases accompany smooth glide wheels that leave easy navigation. They often have a telescopic handle, which will be extended. You’ll want to pick one with sturdy, multi-directional wheels to enable you to maneuver quickly from one place to the opposite. Some wheel and handle systems are detachable to form the briefcase look more sort of a traditional one. It also makes them appear more portable.
  • Travel-Friendly Feature: If you are a frequent traveler, you’ll get to select an option that’s checkpoint friendly. A checkpoint-friendly rolling briefcase allows for straightforward scanning and search. You’ll also prefer one that’s compact enough to suit into an airplane’s overhead compartment or under your seat. Also, a rolling briefcase with easy-access pockets that allow you to succeed in your travel essentials quickly may be a great investment option.
  • Padded Compartments: It’s essential to ensure that your rolling briefcase comes with padded compartments to guard your electronic devices.
  • Multiple compartments: Rolling briefcases are designed to be employed by professionals who carry around tons of documents. Nobody wants to possess to show out everything during a suitcase in search of 1 record. Therefore, it’s essential to look out for a briefcase with multiple compartments. That way, you’ll easily designate a specific container for various papers and other items.
  • Construction Quality: Selecting a high-quality rolling briefcase is crucial. Make sure that the model you select has reliable zippers, which will withstand constant tugging and pulling. Also, check to form sure that the briefcase has fine stitching and isn’t fraying. Most briefcases made up of premium leather are usually classy and sturdy. Polyester is additionally another right fabric. It’s easy to wash and comparatively water-resistant. However, it’s not as elegant and stylish as leather. It’s inadvisable to travel for materials that can’t withstand wear and tear.

If you have been trying to find how to maneuver documents from place to put with none hassle, then a rolling briefcase is that you account for. These products are built to last. They will handle the wear and tear that comes from using them frequently. Additionally, they are versatile. Rolling briefcases also can be used for emergency overnight travel. Everything you would like, in one place!

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