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Best Time To See Whales In Norway

Last Updated on December 19, 2020 by travelenviro

Best Time to see whales in Norway

Whale-watching is one of the highlights of any outing to Norway, and during the whole year, you have acquired a 95% danger of seeing one of the dazzling creatures if you go on a whale safari. Indeed some operators are so assured that you will see whales that they will refund your ticket charge if the sea mammals don’t appear.

So, where and when is the quality vicinity to go whale-watching in Norway? Which species can you see, and which are the quality corporations to go with? Could you read our information and discover out? Or head to the web page’s backside to see our round-up of the high-quality whale observing journeys in Norway. Do you want to know the best place to see killer whales in Europe

When is the best time to go on a whale safari in Norway?

The respectable whale-watching season runs from the stop of October to mid-January, and at some point of these months, you are exceptionally a great deal assured a sighting. There are several guided tours at this time of year, consisting of this ‘silent’ whale observing day out from Tromsø.

However, humpbacks generally exist off the coast of Norway until the cease of March, so there’s a lifelike threat of seeing them then, too, mainly in the extra sheltered waters around the fjords.

From May to September, orcas (killer whales) and porpoises can be considered around the coast and inlets of the Lofoten islands.

Where is the best place to go whale-watching in Norway?

Andenes on the island of Andøya is conventional for its whale safaris. These tours discover the Vesterålen Islands’ waters and provide an excessive likelihood of seeing whales in the wild. Sperm whales are the most frequent kind of whale round these waters; however, different species such as orcas, pilot whales, humpbacks, and fin whales can additionally be viewed at positive instances of the year.

The whale-watching season right here is long, with boats heading out for the summer season from the end of May to mid-September. The wintry weather whale-watching season ranges from early December to late March.

The whale safaris frequency relies upon the time of year, with fewer boats going for walks at the opening and cease of the seasons (sometimes solely two a week), up to about 4 trips a day in top summer.

What should you expect in whale-watching Norway?

Hvalsafari As is one of the most revered and long-established whale boat operators and has been strolling whale safaris out of Andenes for more than 30 years. Andenes is one of the best locations to go on a whale safari in Norway.

Trips right here commence with a 45-minute go to its museum to study marine mammal ecology, the exclusive species of whale, and their environment. Most of its informative publications have a marine biology old past and are multi-lingual. Let’s talk about the best time to see the northern lights in Norway in 2021!

The boats take around forty minutes to attain the whales, although, of course, this can be shorter or longer, as whales pass rapidly and do no longer remain in the same place.

The safari’s universal size varies from two to 4 and a half hours, relying on how some distance out to sea the whales are and how long it takes to discover them. Norway is one of the quality locations in Europe to go on a whale safari.

All safari boats have an indoor lounge; however, it can be relatively bloodless out on the water, particularly in winter, so you are counseled to put on heat clothing usually. Also, endure in thought that the boats can’t go out in all weathers.

If seas are difficult and prerequisites negative, the boats won’t be capable of going out. If you are coming, in particular, to do a whale safari in winter, make sure you plan a few days’ leeways into your trip, in case the climate is bad, and the safari has to be postponed or canceled.

Are whale safaris ethical?

This very plenty relies upon the operator you go with. A reliable operator will observe the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society tips advocated using the IWC (International Whaling Commission).

When loads of boat strategy the whales and comply with them, it can disturb the animals, while the boats’ noise can intrude with the whales’ listening to and communication.

Getting too close to or going in the center of the pod additionally upsets the animals. Of course, any shape of boat tour contributes to marine air pollution and greenhouse gasoline emissions.

On the plus side, whale tourism offers an economic motivation to defend the whales and make sure their welfare. This is especially essential in Norway because it’s one of solely just nations globally (along with Japan), the place industrial whaling is nevertheless criminal and practiced.

So, if you choose to go on a whale safari, selected your operator cautiously – ask how many boats method the whales, how close they get, and what the operator’s mindset is to conservation and animal welfare.

Check that the boats usually method the whales from behind, maintain a suitable distance, and minimize their pace as they close to the animals.

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