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camp chef accessories

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Camp chef accessories are different types that can use for cooking. In this article, you will find a guide about each specific accessory and how to use it correctly, as well as tips on cleaning them or maintaining them properly.

This list is not exhaustive but should give an idea of the types of items available:

1) Grill grate – Many people don’t realize there are grill grates made specifically for ovens! These make great substitutes if your original one lose over time

2) Hook- This hook may sound like something from a horror film but trust me, they come in very handy when trying to lift heavy pots without burning yourself with hot boiling water inside

3) Griddle plate – The best thing about using

Select size of stove

If you are looking for a small stove to fit your kitchen, consider the 14″ Stove with 2 burners and light blue colour. On the other hand, if you’re searching for something bigger, then go ahead and select a 16″ 3 burner model that comes with orange hues.

Usage of Stove

When it comes to buying a stove, there are two questions you should ask yourself: 1. Where do I plan on using this? and 2. How will I use this product in my daily life? These questions not only help inform what type of accessories you need to purchase along with the stovetop, but they also guide your decision-making process when deciding which food types can cook well (or at all) within that size range!

Available accessories

Camp chef griddle accessories can be stored easily in a closet when not being used, but they’re straightforward to remove from your bike rack if you need them while travelling too! In addition to the two default sizes available, there are also 14-inch and 16-inch add ons for storage. More variety provides these added features so that every customer will find something useful at an accessible price range.

Cutlery, tools, and other valuable add-ons

These cooking products are all great and can use on any stovetop. They will fit with any food you’re preparing, so it’s up to your personal preference which one is best for you!


Outdoor equipment for cooking is costly, so it should be your priority to maintain it for the long run. When you have a gas grill, you first have to observe the supply line and propane tank to see whether there is some leakage or not. You can do this through the regulator, hoses of soapy water, or by coating the valve. If there is any bubble in the tank or hose, you must have to replace it.

It would help if you were sure when you remove any other debris, grease, or leftover char. You should also make sure that burner holes are not jam and cleared of blockage. Finally, it would help if you wasted the grates. Inside and outside the camp, chef replacement parts must ensure that you must avoid last year’s leftovers when you are grilling on charcoal when you are grilling. And you find any piece like ash, briquettes, or any other.

You have to remove all that and waste it in the inflammable container. You should not use warm water to clean it because it will not remain shiny when you do so. It would help if you cleaned it, a cast iron cleaner, with a brush, scrub it and use a specialized conditioner which specially made for it. Simple tap the conditioner around the cast iron, and you will see a clean one cast iron.


Disconnect the grill from power or a heat source and turn it off when cleaning your cooking system. Make it a habit to clean after every one or two months if you’re frequently using; otherwise, wait until 50 hours of use have passed. Using flat edges like pan scrapers or paint sticks to remove loosened waste and ash before vacuuming loose pieces with dry/wet vacuum attachments.

You can use a flat edge like a pan scraper or paint stick etc., to remove and displace the stuck grease, use soapy and hot water and scrap, wash all that and pull out every piece and dry it. You will have a clean cooking system.

Adding supplies

You will be enjoying cooking by adding supplies. Such as by using a wireless thermometer, it will monitor and alarm you that food is ready and meet its perfect temperature.

If you are cooking, you need a place to work, keep your food, or cook. A Camp chef replacement knobs wireless thermometer makes your life so easy. It has six meat settings, four settings for taste, and a custom setting option. But, of course, the camp table is also the most useful accessory.

The camp table is ideal for preparing food; A Dutch oven is cooking along with charcoal briquettes. It has a three-sided windscreen. Its design has the perfect height; you don’t need to bend. Everything is easily accessible. If you think the space is congested, you can add more shelves on the side.

Best camp chef accessories

To help you buy a camp cook griddle cover, we’ve compiled this list of the Camp Chef Accessories. These include the Explorer 3x grill and other useful add-ons such as utensils and covers for your stovetop equipment and much more that will help in making life easy while cooking on camping trips.

Camp Chef Bag for Two-Burner Stoves

it is a large black and durable backpack made of sturdy material with lots of pockets for storage. It has an EZ glide zip, wrap handle, fits most models from the EX60LW to YK60LWC12 series. One person can carry this bag because camp chef two-burner stove parts aren’t too heavy but still very durable- significant if you’re going on outdoor adventures!

It has a waterproof liner which adds its support. Its fit model are these ex 60lw, ex 60pp.,ex 280 lw db60d yk6olw c 12. Its unisex bag has two-burner stoves.

Product Information:

Dimension: 15.6” x 8.2” x 2.2”

Weight: 2 pounds

Size: One Size

Color: Black

MixRBBQ BBQ Future Grease Liners

It can comfortably connect with your stove. Camp bbq makes of aluminium, which is 100% reusable and recyclable. It is friendly to use and economical too. It is compatible with the Camp Chef Griddles such as SG100, SG90, SG14, SG30, SG60

Product Information:

Dimension: 10.24” x 4.61” x 3.74”

Weight: 7.8 ounces

Camp Chef Artisan Outdoor Pizza Oven

It is ideal for 16 inches stoves. As a traditional wood fire brick oven, it openly cooks pizza. Heat is adjustable, permitting you to cook different types of pizzas like frozen pizza, pre-made, or artisan. Its temperature can reach up to 700 degrees F. camping oven, and grill has an Italia pizza oven cooking guide too, by which you can experience some new and different cooking. Its ceramic stone removes the outer moisture from the dough and makes the perfect crust for pizza, but remaining moisture inside and fluffy.

Product Information:

Dimension: 24” x 9” x 16”

Weight: 30 pounds

Size: 16”

Camp Chef Professional Single Burner Fry Griddle

It is suitable for 14″ stoves. It includes a grease cup holder and grease drain. It has a vast cooking area to cook a lot of items quickly. Camp chef smoker parts best and fit models are these, EX60LW, EX60P, EX60PP, EX60P, EX60B, EX280LW, DB60D, YK60LW, YK60LWC12, EX90LW, EX90LWB, SB30D. There are diffuser plates that divide the heat equally on all surfaces and turn down hot spots. It is a unisex product.

Product Information:

Dimension: 16” x 15” x 1.26”

Weight: 5.4 pounds

Camp Chef Two Burner Professional Fry Griddle

Camp Chef 2 burner stove parts are suitable for a 14″ stove. It has too much large area for cooking, and you can cook a lot of food. There are diffuser plates that divide the heat equally on all surfaces and turn down hot spots. Camp chef grill accessories have a built in grease flume that collects grease and flume it into a grease cup. Camp chef 14 accessories have an appropriate carry handle and are ready to cook in seconds. Fits Models of it are these, EX60LW, EX60P, EX60PP, EX60P, EX60B, EX280LW, DB60D, YK60LW, YK60LWC12, EX90LW, EX90LWB, and it is designed for men.

Product Information:

Dimensions: 32” x 15” x 1”

Weight: 33.2 pounds

Metal Spatula Stainless Steel and Scraper

Camping stove accessories has easy to grip plastic handle, having heavy-duty griddle scraper and commercial spatulas are easy to handle. In addition, the handle is safely connected to the metal spatula. These are designed for a lifetime.

The thickness of Stainless steel griddle spatula metal is 1/32”. Heavy-duty commercial spatulas are ideally designed regarding weight and balance for cooking. You can quickly chop and cut the food items on the top of the griddle grill. Camp stove accessories have sifted edges it means your iron griddle top is scratched free.

Griddle utensil set is made of reliable stainless steel, 1 ​grill flat top spatula, 1 long ​metal spatula​, and 1 griddle scraper commercial. You can also use spatulas for different purposes like a camp spatula, teppanyaki grilling spatula, burger spatula, and you can also wash this set.

Product Information:

Dimension: 15.6” x 5.1” x 3.2”

Weight: 2.05 pounds

Colour: Plastic handle set, ABS plastic handle set, Wooden handle set (tongs and bottles)

Camp Chef Professional Grease Cup

Camp chef Yukon is having simple grease management and hooks on the side shelf. It can carry up to 24oz and has steel coated powder. It is not suitable for CCH stove models with a griddle drain on the right side. Smoke vault 24 modifications is Compatible with other Professional Flat Top Griddle models such as SG100, SG90, G60, SG30 and SG14.

Product Information:

Dimension: 10” x 4” x 4”

Weight: 1.19 pounds

Colour: One colour

Material: Steel

Uniflasy Heavy Duty Patio Cover

It has heavy-duty polyester and waterproof polyciny inside it, and camp bbq is made of fade resistant fabric. It is perfectly compatible with these models: EX60P, EX60LW, EX60PP, EX60B, EX280LW, EX170LW, YK60LW, YK60LWC12. It is designed as water should not enter it; it is waterproof. It is safe even during heavy rain, heavy sun, or wind etc.

Product Information:

Dimension: 34″ x 16.5″  x 16″

Weight: 1.1LB

Size: 34″, 35” , 43” 45.6”

Camp Chef Reversible Iron Griddle

You can cook in seconds in it. Camp chef cast iron griddle temperature can cook the meat perfectly. It is suitable for 14” and 16” stoves. The area for cooking is 16” x14.”

Product Information:

Dimension: 17” x 2” x 15”

Weight: 10 pounds

Camp Chef Patio Cover for 2 Burner Stoves

Camp chef expedition has weather-resistant liner and hooks which protect against climates like winds, rain etc. its construct is reliable for base or patio camp. It fits these models: EX60P, EX60LW, EX60PP, EX60B, EX280LW, EX170LW, YK60LW, YK60LWC12

Product Information:

Dimension: 32.25″x16″x16″

Weight: 2 lbs.

Colour: green, 2020 version.

Disposable Grease Bucket Liner

Camp chef pellet grill accessories are made of aluminium which is disposable and can bear higher temperatures. If the stove is an entire heater, it will not melt. It has 15 pieces of grease bucket liners; this grease bucket is not included. Camp chef cast iron griddle is easy to wash and clean. It will save your time and money, as it is for the long run, and if you keep it clean, your money is also safe.

It is compatible with these models such as: Pursuit 20,SmokePro XT 24,SmokePro SG 24,SmokePro SE 24,SmokePro STX 24,SmokePro DLX 24,SmokePro SGX 36,SmokePro LUX 36,Woodwind Classic 24,Woodwind SG 24,Woodwind WIFI 20,Woodwind WIFI 24,Woodwind WIFI 36,XXL Smoker

Product Information:

Dimension: 7.87” x 6.61” x 6.57”

Weight: 12.3 ounces

QuliMetal Grill Cover for Camp Chef Pellet Grills

Camp chef griddle cover is made of 600 Denier Coated Nylon which is reliable and durable. Also, it is a waterproof liner, so camp chef explorer 3x saves your cooking system from climates like sunlight, snow, dust, moisture, rain, snow etc. iron chef smoker is using daily and increase the life of your machine. Using a wet cloth or water pipe will clean and keep it in the sun to dry. The ideal models are PG24, PG24B, PG24LS, PG24S, PG24SE, PG24LTD, PG24WWS, PG24WWSS, Camp Chef SmokePro DLX cover. It is Formed and Fit on Shelves and Smoke Chimney. It has reliable fabric handles on two sides for conveniently fitting and moving. The best griddle for camp chef Everest can also use for storage and hanging. It includes the grill from top to bottom, which gives complete and perfect protection. By using reflective tape, you can see your grill even in the dark too. It has breathable material, so it cools down the grill quickly.

Product Information:

Dimension: 14.37” x 11.42” x 2.83”

Weight” 3.65 pounds

Size: 24”, 35”, 39”, 45.6”


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