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fanny pack

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Fanny pack is bringing the 1980’s memories back. Fanny packs make your travel so unique because the fanny pack carries all your necessities, as it is not carry on luggage, but it makes your hands free. As your hands will be free and it is easy for you to tie laces of your boots. It means you can fully enjoy your outing by capturing the scenes and making your memories.

Fanny pack is perfect for local travel. However, since nowadays covid is here, so masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer are must with you, you also have to carry your cellphone, wallets, and keys, in such situation you need a belt bag in such case.

Designer fanny pack is versatile, and it can use in the place of a hip belt. You can keep different items such as snacks etc. when you are on travel. You can hang the waist bag on the shoulders as a shoulder bag or carry a cross body bag to look more modern as a crossbody fanny pack. Most hip backpacks are unisex; it means you don’t need to buy as much.

Any member of the family can easily carry waist bags. There are many designs and colors of waist packs available you can choose according to your demand. Fannie pack is not much bulky, as they are lightweight, any age member can carry them.

I guess nobody wants to carry a large amount of luggage and baggage. A clear fanny pack is perfect for any outings such as adventures, hilly areas, desserts, beaches, or even sports.

Best Fanny Pack

Fanny pack are a great way to carry all your essentials while traveling. They’re versatile & can be used as belt bag or waist bags. You’ll never need to worry about people stealing your stuff with this handy little accessory! Today, fanny packs have evolved into fashionable accessories that can be used by anyone at any time. They’re made from different materials such as nylon and leather and come in various colours like black, brown and purple. There are also some brands that offer them with extra features such as RFID blocking pockets so you don’t need to worry about identity theft when travelling abroad!

Herschel Fourteen Waist Pack

A versatile Herschel fanny pack is designed as you can easily keep your essentials in a more organized way. You can wear a designer fanny pack either on your shoulder or on your waist. Herschel has a lot of variety of amazon fanny pack; by clicking this logo, you can go and see a large no. of phany packs. The strip of fany pack is made of fabric. Trendy fanny packs having zippers along with a leather pull. One fantastic thing is that the travel waist pack has an adjustable belt you can set according to your size.

  • Adjustable belt
  • More colors
  • Having secure zipper
  • Costly

Product Details:

Dimension: 2.5 x 8 x 5.5 inches

Weight: 4.8 ounces

For: Unisex-adult

Colors: Ash Rose, Black Crosshatch, Highlight/Black, Pastel Cloud Papaya

Alpha Keeper RFID Safe Fanny Pack

If you are too conscious about your things and want to save your passport, credit card, etc., you must pick Alpha Keeper RFID Safe Fanny Pack. Additionally, it has other RFID blocking fabric three layers. The front side of this modern fanny pack is made of cotton fabric. After this layer, there are further three layers of RFID blocking fabric, and then further there is a waterproof material with four layers.

As a whole, this tactical fanny pack fashion is more waterproof, durable, and comfortable to carry. Further, the backside of this fanny pack mens has mesh that saves you from sweating and quickly crossing the air. There is a buckle on the front side of the hidden fanny pack by which more safety, the belt of the mens fanny pack is expandable. This fanny pack amazon is designed for 25-45” waists as it is expandable to almost 55” waist.

This traveling fanny pack has two zipper pockets on the front side and one on the backside, one hidden pocket. Front pockets base on the best quality YKK zipper, a headphone point, and inside keyholder.

  • RFID safe
  • Best waterproof
  • YKK zippers
  • Can not have much gear
  • Not suitable for heavy items

Product Information

  • Dimensions:2″ x 5.6″ x 0.2″
  • Weight:2 oz
  • Waist : 25” – 55”
  • Size:Strap sizes: 25″ – 45″ (Max Stretch 55″)
  • Color:Black **** RFID Blocking Material***** , Beige **** RFID Blocking Material ****, amo Pink **** RFID Blocking Material ****

Adidas Originals Waist Pack

Adidas bags amazon has two colors and types: for mens, there is black color, and Shimmery color is for women. The material use in both designer belt bag is different from each other the shimmery pink backpack is made of TPU while the black one is made polyurergane. Fanny pack women has fabric strips along with a clipper lock.

This fanny pack for men has a zip that is made of plastic and has a zipper puller made of enamel. Such buckle is more secure than others. Moreover, the Adidas fanny pack is having on the front side the main pocket and Adidas logo. So the looks of butt packs are more decent, elegant, and stylish, and you can carry your essentials with you.

  • Elegant and decent
  • Best quality
  • Secure belt buckle

  • Expensive

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 8″ x 2.5″ x 5″
  • Weight:2 oz (shipping weight)
  • Waist: No Information
  • Color:Ash Pearl Pink, lack/Silver, Collegiate Navy

Huameibang Genuine Leather Waist Packs

The leather fanny pack is comfortable, durable, and too soft to hold and you feel so relax by holding it. Moreover, leather waist pack are economical as compare to Adidas company.

The looks of this leather hip pack are so decent, elegant, and fashionable. As the design of this waist purse leather is so much organized.

There are three main pockets. The main pocket is on the backside, which is most considerable. You can quickly put your passport, credit cards, tickets, cellphones, wallets, or any such kind of thing in this pocket. The remaining two pockets are on the front side. One pocket has a zip by which you can save yourself from any type of theft.

Leather waist packs have a belt which has 49” length; it is stretchable. Leather fanny pack women have a buckle made of metal that looks more pretty than the simple plastic buckle. As the looks may differ because of the buckle, but in safety reference, both are almost the same.

  • Pure leather
  • Elegant, stylish, and decent
  • Buckle which is made of metal

  • Costly
  • High maintenance

Product Information

  • Dimensions:4” x 1.5” x 5.9”
  • Weight:7 ounces
  • Waist: Up to 49’’
  • Color:Coffee, Yellowish-brown

Hearty Trendy Genuine Leather Large Fanny Pack

Mens leather fanny packs are functional and elegant. These leather belt purses are best for traveling. The leather waist bag is made of pure leather having zips and fabric belts; it is durable. For more safety in the back also has a buckle; the buckle is made of plastic.

There are seven pockets of leather fanny pack womens; all have zips. This leather hip bag has one hidden pocket and two side pockets, three pockets on the front, and one main pocket. The main pocket is significant, although you can have an umbrella in it.

The front pocket of leather waist bags is more organized. It has separate portions for keys, cards, pens, cellphones. Because of these compartments, you will get more space for your additional items.

  • Best for organizations
  • Best materials
  • More space
  • No RFID safe pockets
  • Fewer colors variety

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 4″ x 6″ x 5.5″
  • Weight:1 oz
  • Waist: Up to 48”
Hearty Trendy Fashion Signature Series Faux Leather 6 Pockets Fanny Pack Waist Pack
  • Measurement: 15"(w) x 6"(h) x 3"(d)
  • Adjustable strap up to 52" waist
  • 6 Zippered Pockets. One main pocket. Two in front. Two on sides. One back pocket.
  • Main pocket opening 8" wide
  • Always in trend. New styles/patterns/prints are added frequently.

Nabob Leather Fanny Pack

Leather is such material which is always in fashion. If you want to look more elegant, you should go for a black leather fanny pack. As this fanny pack leather looks pretty the same as it has functions. Hip bags leather has six types of pockets, which means you can put your items in an organized way. The main pocket is large in which your wallet can easily be fit.

Further, there are more pockets; two are placed on the front side while two are placed on the sides. The pockets on the sides are not significant as they make for your keys, headphones, or many small items. The pocket which is placed on the front side is designed for sunglasses, pens, etc.

The backside also has a secret pocket in which you can put your cellphone. The zips are used in pockets are durable and smooth. Belt bags for women have long belts, and they can quickly get for 26-50” waist. It means any type of person can quickly wear it, either slim or fat. The designer belt bag has a buckle belt, but when you carry the best belt bags on your front side, then the buckle will come on your hip, not on the back.

  • Evergreen fashion
  • More range of pockets
  • Smooth and durable zippers
  • No RFID safe fabrics
  • One belt isn’t the secure

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 12” x 4.5” x 3”
  • Weight: 12 oz (shipping weight)
  • Waist: 26” – 50”
  • Color: Black, brown
Fanny Pack Waist Bag Multifunction Genuine Leather Hip Bum Bag Travel Pouch for Men and Women- Multiple Pockets & Sturdy Zippers Ideal for Hiking Running And Cycling
  • 100% genuine leather: manufactured with handpicked genuine leather, Nabob’s fanny pack stays in perfect condition for years. In addition to it, the genuine leather enhances its durability, offers extra protection, and ensures a timeless design.
  • High-quality construction: Expertly handmade using 100% durable cowhide leather, this Nabob Fanny Pack offers utmost convenience when traveling, engaged in outdoor activities, or everyday use. Its sturdy leather construction and roomy pockets will serve you well throughout the years.
  • Adjustable size: A stylish approach to compact style, the Nabob Fanny Pack is a great way to carry your essentials with you anywhere. It measures 12” L x 4.5” W x 3” H in size and is outfitted with a belt that adjusts from 26-50 inches, allowing users to customize the pouch for a secure, comfortable fit.
  • Reinforced with a smooth zipper: Outfitted with sturdy zipper closures, it ensures that your belongings are safe and secure inside. These zippers will operate smoothly for a long time, guaranteeing continual use and secure storage for years to come.
  • Spacious and convenient: Keep all of your essentials organized and secure inside six convenient pockets. There’s a spacious main compartment and backside pocket, along with two front pockets and two side pockets, for conveniently storing cash, credit cards, your driver’s license, a cell phone, keys, and other personal items.

SoJourner Holographic Rave Fanny Pack

The trendy fanny packs look more elegant and significant as compared to others. It has a main big pocket, a pocket on the front side, and a secret pocket on the backside. It has a wide range of funky colors. The main pocket is significant as you can even put a water bottle in it.

Either it can carry bulky items, so it’s best for travel. The traveling fanny pack is made of polyester, which is waterproof. It has a durable nylon belt which also has a buckle. If you wear it on the front side, the buckle is placed on the back and is not secure. It looks more stylish; you have option 25 various designs.

  • More stylish
  • More capacity
  • Waterproof

  • No RFID safe materials
  • Only one buckle

Product Information

  • Dimensions:5” x 7” x 4”
  • Weight:2 oz
  • Waist: 15” – 48”
  • Color:Glitter – Black, Sequin Holo, Silver-Red.
Holographic Clear Fanny Pack Belt Bag | Waterproof fanny pack for Women Fashionable - Crossbody Bag Bum Bag Waist Bag Waist Pack - Hands Free for Hiking, Running, Travel and Stadium Approved (purple)
  • SPACIOUS AND ORGANIZED - Our belt bag for women and men 3-pocket design fits all your necessities in a well organized system for easy access, including hidden thief-proof back pocket. The perfect waist bag for women and men.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Our fanny pack crossbody bags for women is made from a durable poly with enhanced stitching, adjustable belt and premium zippers to last the test of time
  • SIZE - "11.5 x 7 x 4 - Our fanny pack is a larger size and makes a great fanny pack for men, women or kids.
  • ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE - Our adjustable strap allows you to change the size of our crossbody fanny packs for women from as small as 15" to as large as 48". Multiple styles of wear and fits any person.
  • READY FOR ADVENTURE - Our mens fanny pack are built to hike the trail, go on your next run or just help you train your pup. Grab our fashion waist packs for your next Disneyland adventure or day at the park.

Auropro Fanny Pack

The thin fanny pack has four types of buckles, all of these are on the front side, so it is more secure than any other bag around the waist. It has two waist belts, and these are flexible. It is thin, so I guess it is not suitable because anything thin and flexible may hit you or cause injury. But also the good point is that it has netting back which prevents you from sweating. However, it is the slimming strap reviews bag, so it can not hold any bulky item. There are three pockets; two pockets have zips, while the third is on the backside, which is the secret pocket.

The main pocket has two tiny pockets inside it to put some small items in it in an organized way. So because of the RFID blocking pocket, you are relaxed and enjoy your travel that your essentials are safe. In the front zip pocket, there is also a point for headphones.

  • Separate pinpoint for headphones
  • RFID blocking pocket
  • More secure
  • Slimmer
  • Less capacity

Product Information

  • Dimensions:37” x 5.79”
  • Weight:32 oz
  • Waist: 16” – 68”
Hidden Money Belt, AUOPRO RFID Blocking Travel Wallet Passport Holder Security Waist Pouch for Women Men, Gifts for Travelers, 2 Adjustable Straps
  • Anti theft belt for travel protects your RFID Chip enabled Credit Cards & Passports from illegal scanning
  • Two large zippered compartments, two smaller mesh pouchs in the upper comparments, one large mesh pocket at the back, enough room for your ID, credit cards, passports, money, cell phones and other valuables
  • Double wasitbands for added safety and security, won't sag under the weight of all the stuff you fit in
  • Stretchy belts can comfortably fit any waist sizes, a must have travel accessory for women, men and kids
  • Lightweight and slim, unnoticeable under clothes, made from water repellent material, perfect for traveling and daily use

Karpathic Fanny Pack For Men And Women

This waist pouch has the main pocket; on the front side, there are two pockets, and on the backside, one hidden security pocket. As it is not clear that which material is used in this pack, so I think it is polyester, but not sure.

As it is waterproof but not 100%, in heavy rain, there is leakage, and everything will be wet. But you be safe during snow and light raining weather. There is a separate headphone pinpoint. When you wear the belt, it will be on your hips. The strips of the belt are flexible as suitable for a maximum of 54”.

  • RFID blocking pockets
  • Separate headphone pins

  • Not water resistance
  • Material is not mentioned

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 13” x 2” x 4.5”
  • Weight:4 oz (shipping weight)
  • Waist: Up to 54”
RFID Fanny Pack for Women and Men - Secure Travel Waist Bag with RFID Protection + Karpathic Microfiber Sunglasses Bag included
  • TRAVEL FANNY PACK -> sturdy & lightweight, this fannypack has 4 pockets, 1 secret back pocket, RFID card holders, passport holder, metal durable zippers, Double-Secured Buckle (avoid finger clipping by accident or thefting) + BONUS: Travel Tips&Advice Brochure - You can be relaxed, no longer need to worry about your valuables during your vacation or your outdoor time
  • RFID SECURED - a cool waist pack equipped with advanced RFID blocking military grade shielding technology material, which blocks RFID signals and protects the valuable private information from unauthorized scans; this keeps your important information more secure protected, cards and passports are used safer
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP (up to 54") & WATER RESISTANT - high denstity fabric material with strong sewing allows this travels belt bag durable and anti-abrasion, and perfectly protecting your items against raindrops, sweat and moist (not waterproof); this is your best choice for outdoor sports and travel
  • + GIFTS - You will get for FREE a Sunglasses Soft Microfiber Pouch* made of an extremely soft and gentle optical grade microfiber fabric to clean and storage your sunglasses, smartphone or gadgets; *Sunglasses are not included - You will also get a Travel Guide in the same package
  • WIDELY APPLICABLE – This grey rfid fanny pack is great for travelling, hiking, bike rides, gym, running, walking in the park with the dogs & most outdoor activities or recreation - Drop us a message if you have ANY question regarding our product or service and we'd be most glad to help

Day Tip Money Belt

Waterproof waist packs are good enough if you do not require more space as it is thin so it can not carry any heavy items. Even you can not keep your wallet in it. But only you should keep your credit cards and money in it. The main compartment is entirely RFID blocking material it means it is fully secure.

When you wear a waterproof fanny pack, the buckle is on the front side, so there is no chance of theft. The backside is netting which allows the air to cross and prevent you from sweating. It is made of 210D Nylon, so it is reliable and waterproof as well. The nylon fanny pack has two pockets with zips; one is in the front while the other is on the back. As there is not much space, you can use it for some short travel.

  • RFID blocking material
  • Buckle on the front side
  • Netting on backside
  • Slimmer
  • Fewer pockets

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 11.2″ x 5.5″ x 0.1″
  • Weight: 3 oz
  • Waist: Not specified – the belt stretches
  • Color: Beige, Black

No products found.

FREETOO Fanny Pack for Men & Women

This shoulder fanny pack is waterproof, reliable, and looks good. The material used in this stylish fanny pack is 1000D Nylon. It is so economical. The belt use in this luxury fanny pack is durable and flexible and fits 32-45”.The fantastic thing is that it has various pockets, which is helpful during traveling. The main pocket is as large as you can put a water bottle or umbrella in it, also inside a pocket with a zip.

In addition,  a secret pocket in the pack is not shown in the picture, but it is on the backside of the main pocket. So it is more beneficial and secure to carry your essential items like a cellphone wallet etc.

Further, there are three small pockets. Every pocket has a zip that has a reliable zipper puller. So here are five pockets that can quickly look, and one is hidden. So there are more pockets you can arrange your things in a more organized way.

  • More pockets more organized
  • Waterproof
  • Reliable zips

  • No RFID blocking pocket
  • Less color variety

Product Information

  • Dimensions:87” x 5.11” x 3.94”
  • Weight: 7 oz
  • Waist:7” – 45.3”
  • Color:Bright black, blue, black, red, Matte Black
FREETOO Waist Pack Bag Fanny Pack for Men&Women Hip Bum Bag with Adjustable Strap for Outdoors Workout Traveling Casual Running Hiking Cycling
  • AMPLE ROOM, KEEP ORGANIZED: Well constructed with 5 separate zippered pockets of different sizes for all your needs;The largest pocket can easily hold a standard water bottle (16oz); A small hidden zipper compartment inside the main pocket perfect for your valuables for extra security; A flat zippered exterior pocket located behind the waist band, against your body. Provides spacious storage and help keep you organized while maintaining a slim profile
  • DURABLE MATERIAL&LININGS, WEAR-RESISTANT: Made of strong 1000D Polyester+ Exquisite overall craftsmanship with cleanly finished seams, this waist bag is sturdy and built to last yet soft and pliable. It'll make a great addtion for your daily errands and outdoor activities, perfect for walking, running, biking, hiking, traveling, festivals, fairs, concerts and farmers markets etc.
  • QUALITY SOLID ZIPPERS: ZIPPERS are a very important component of a bag and should never be compromised. This waist pack adopts tough and heavy duty zippers, sturdy,easy to slide and working smoothly. Zipper pulls are good-sized and elegant in design. Worry no more about anything falling out and getting lost.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP, COMFORTABLE&VERSATILE: The flexible strap, with strong and reliable buckle, ranges from 30-42 inches(including the bag) and can be adjusted to accommodate a fluffy personality or a skinny mini. Easily and quickly adjusts to whatever length you need and will remain at your chosen length without loosening; Allows for different wearing styles:can be worn on your hip, over the shoulder or tight under your arm.
  • RISK-FREE PURCHASE with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have long term quality warranty - 18 Month Warranty. Drop us an email should you have ANY question regarding our product or service and we'd be most glad to help.

Adidas Waist Fanny Pack

Best fanny packs are such backpack that is worn on your waist; the unique fanny pack has the specifications such as it is made by  100% polyester, which is lightweight. On the front side of the waist pack target, there is a zip pocket in which you can put your keys, credit card, or cellphone with easy access.

The cute fanny pack is branded as Adidas is a famous brand and imported. Also, having clipper lock which is made of metal movers.

  • Lightweight
  • Clipper lock

  • Fewer pockets

Product Information:

  • Color:Black/White
  • Department ‏: ‎ Unisex-adult
adidas Originals Utility Crossbody Bag, Black/White, One Size
  • Screen-printed adidas branding.
  • Wear as crossbody or waistpack.
  • Tonal jacquard webbing with adidas branding.
  • Large main compartment with zippered pocket and detachable key fob.
  • Tension lock with webbing to adjust pack size.

Buyers guide: how to pick the best fanny pack

As you will purchase a bum bag fanny pack, there are many cute cheap fanny packs available. Our guide will help you with how to select the best designer belt bags according to your requirement. There are some factors which we are discussing below.


Just like the other bags, the size of the exercise fanny pack depends on which purpose you need to carry fanny bags, either daily or only for an outing. For example, if you plan to carry a waist purse for only your special occasions, you need a small size because you will only have your keys, cellphone, wallet, or credit card.

But if you Gucci fanny pack women for your daily use, you need a little big one because you need some space to keep your keys, cosmetics, cellphone, or some essential items. Running fanny pack is available from too small to large as it depends on you which one will fulfill your requirements.


The slimming strap reviews packs are available in a wide range regarding materials. A travel waist pouch is usually considered best if it is made of leather because it is long-lasting and durable. If you are brand conscious, you don’t need to worry; many brands also make waist purse leather.

Another material that is used in a plus size fanny pack is Nylon. Nylon is lightweight and waterproof. You can buy nylon new fanny packs if you plan to go to any beach or festivals arranged in the open air, as your items will be safe from water.


A variety of designs is available of mini fanny packs according to the fashion and occasion. It is up to your plan to carry a modern fanny pack for any casual event or sports, either for hiking or festivals. A fanny pack is usually made of Nylon, which is durable and economical.

Some high-standard brands are busy making designer fanny packs for those who want to look more stylish and modern. Anyone can look more elegant and decent by carrying a leather waist pack, especially black leather has a high impact. There is also some fany pack which is transformed in the clutch.

Additional features

Pockets :

When you buy a Fannie pack, you should observe that how many pockets there are. The number of pockets depends on what you need. For example, sometimes you need some secret pocket to keep your valuables. If there are more pockets, then it will be easy for you to organize your things. Also, if there is a zipper, it will enhance safety.

Adjustable belt

Many rei fanny pack has adjustable belt; you can easily set according to your waist. Belts are usually made of leather, fabric, or chain. It is easy and comfortable to wear for you.


If small waist packs have padding, it is more comfortable for you because it will help you to be safe you essential and valuables in the case of an accident or shock.


Some designer fanny packs have logos on each item. By logos, the product looks more outstanding and prominent.

Convertible options

Many fanny bags have the option to increase the size by adding some extra pouch in the strip.

Additional utility options

In over a shoulder fanny pack, there is space to hang things by which it is easy for you to access rapidly.

How to Pick the Perfect Fanny Pack

By reading this article now, you know about many different types of the large fanny pack. Also, now you have an idea of which factors are essential to keep in mind while buying a travel pouch waist, but here are some more considerations that will help you select the best fanny purse.

  • Primary use

First of all most important consideration is you have to decide the use of Gucci fanny pack womens. Either you are going to use it for some causal event or some tropical beaches tour. Either you are going to use it for daily use or some hiking or whatever. So you must take some time to decide and imagine then you should go for purchasing travel fanny pack under clothes.

  • Front or back

Secondly, you decide which side you prefer to wear, a purse pouch reviews bag, either front or back. Almost all designer fanny packs, having such a design that can be carried on both sides. But if the size of the fanny pack is more significant, then it looks so awkward to carry on the front side. Keep all such factors in mind when you are going to purchase.

  • Pull out the tape measure.

When you decide to purchase fashionable waist packs, you must have measurements of yourself and the fany camera. Usually, cross body fanny pack are designed as standard, but some have no options to loose or tight. In the future, it will be problematic, so it’s better to measure it first. Then choose the perfect one according to your body to enjoy more comfort.

Final Thoughts

Once there was an era in which only older men or older tourists wear fanny pack belt, but now it is again in fashion. Waist backpack are more famous from hiking to tropical beaches, from sports to adventurers, from causal to daily routine, and for many more.

So now it is time to wear your fanny pack according to your choice and requirements and keep your hands free for hiking, capturing photos, and making unforgettable memories.


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