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Lightest Suitcases In The World

Last Updated on December 27, 2020 by travelenviro

Lightest Suitcases In The World

If you are searching for acceptable lightweight baggage for a world tour, then you have come to the right place! This information takes you through the whole thing you want to recognize when buying soft suitcases for air travel.

When buying the first-rate luggage for world travel, you choose to make sure you purchase something durable, at the same time as nevertheless being sensible in that it is lightweight and capable of elevating the entirety you want for your trip. Consideration hence needs to be given to your choice for size, case kind (soft or hard), and whether or not practicality or fashion is your priority.

In this information, I will take you via the entirety you want to think about step by step to make sure you buy the nice lightweight suitcase for worldwide travel. I will help you know the significance of measurement and weight and various elements such as wheels and handles. Lastly, I will take you thru some of the top-rated lightweight suitcases from the friendly baggage manufacturers for worldwide travel so that you can locate the nice bag for world travel for you.

Top Lightweight Suitcases 2020 for International Travel: My Reviews

1. Travelpro Maxlite three 29 Inch Expandable Spinner

The Maxlite suitcase from Travelpro is yet one of the large bags in this guide, imparting masses of area for your private belongings, even as nonetheless being lightweight.

This 29-inch suitcase is a smooth side case with lots of house for storing your belongings. There is a giant exterior pocket, while interior the issue is a full-length indoors lid pocket, side accent pocket, and adjustable maintain down straps to make sure the whole lot stays in place. It is additionally expandable to make more room for matters you may buy alongside the way.

Travel Pro

This suitcase is yet a breeze to wheel around the airport with its 4-wheel spinners rotating 360 ranges. The aluminum manages locks into two specific positions to accommodate human beings of distinct heights.

Weighing in at only over 9 pounds, this is a great lightweight suitcase for those that want more house and a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind.

2. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner 28

The best Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner is a first-rate lightweight case for vacationers looking for a notable exceptional suitcase at a less high price.

This bag is also perfect for retaining your matters geared up with a full zip interior, divider, and cross-straps to ensure the whole lot stays the place it is supposed to. With the brought expansion, all your property will be in shape effortlessly while separating objects for more excellent safety or making them effortlessly on hand for the duration of flights.

With an extraordinarily scratch-resistant micro-diamond texture on the exterior of the case, this suitcase is positive to face up to all the typical put on and tear inflicted via harsh airport elements. Not just in this case, amazing long-lasting, it additionally appears fashionable too, with eight colors to pick out from such as aqua, pink, bronze, and silver.

Samsonite Omni Pc Hardside Spinner

Other elements consist of a retractable handle, four spinner wheels and a side installed TSA lock for more protection while traveling. As nicely as the 360 spinner wheels, all this makes this a fantastic choice for worldwide travel.

In these reviews, the heaviest baggage in these reviews, at merely over 10 pounds, is lightweight, mainly thinking about it’s a 28-inch case. Being made from Samsonite, you recognize you’re getting a pleasant point and all at a terrific charge.

3. Travelpro Platinum Elite 25 Expandable Spinner Suitcase

For the widely widespread flyer who desires a suitcase with all the bells and whistles, this 25-inch tender aspect case from Travelpro would possibly be gentle what you’re after.

Many booths organize your belongings, such as the fold-out bag to hold your garments wrinkle-free even as touring as nicely as the built-in accent pockets and adjustable maintain down straps to make sure the whole lot stays in place.

The suitcase’s exterior has two massive pockets, as rightly being in a position to make bigger and more two inches if you locate yourself wanting greater area even as traveling.

Travelpro Platinum Elite 25 Expandable Spinner

Frequent flyers will respect the four double spinner wheels; this suitcase is a pleasure to drift around the airport. It also has an entirely adjustable handle, successful in being set in four distinct positions to accommodate even the shortest or tallest person.

This is a long-lasting suitcase made from excessive density nylon with a dura guard coating to withstand stains and abrasions as nicely as sturdy zippers designed to resist injury from everyday use. This suitcase also consists of top rate leather-based top, and side elevates handles, built-in TSA-accepted lock. It is backed by using a lifetime assurance that even covers the fee of restore for injury from the airline or different carriers’ existence the bag.

4. Desley Paris Helium Aero 25 Spinner

The Desley Luggage Helium Aero is an extraordinarily challenging case bag that TSA accepted and a notable desire for guests searching for a lightweight case worldwide.

This 25-inch Delsey case bag is a super dimension with thousands of internal storage. The two indoors extra-large lined pockets; there is a 2-inch expandable pocket ideal to save souvenirs buy at the same time as traveling. The problematic case additionally points to two side handles suitable to carry on as in and out of the car.

Desley Paris Helium Aero 25 Spinner

This whole case is made from 100% polycarbonate, which is extraordinarily resilient to cracking. A side-established TSA lock is designed for airport private to open your bag, barring harmful it to protect mindful visitors. You’ll additionally love how effortless this case is to maneuver around the airport. It’s double spinner wheels, as well as the two-position cope with device, make getting around a breeze.

This is an outstanding mid-range lightweight suitcase that also comes in 10 distinct shades, including red, vibrant blue, purple, and green.

5. Samsonite Silhouette Sphere two Hardside Spinner 26

The next Samsonite object to make our list, however genuinely no longer the last, is the Samsonite Silhouette Sphere two Hardside. With some terrific 4-wheel functionality, this suitcase is outstanding for any manner of travel.

The fully-lined interior is all with more options for storage. It is filled with three beneficent organizational pockets, a built-in moist pocket, and two full-zip divided panels for more organized storage.

Samsonite Silhouette Sphere Two Hardside Spinnerr

What you’ll without a doubt love about this suitcase is its 4 breaks up spherical wheels. Each 1/2 of the wheel can pass independently, making transferring this suitcase alongside an uneven floor an absolute breeze, mainly when you component in the proper rolling functionality.

A stable suitcase that is sure to shield all your non-public assets on all your travels, the Samsonite Silhouette Sphere two Hardside is additionally cozy for the user.

6. Samsonite Midnightlight two Softside Spinner 25

 Are you searching for a lightweight suitcase that doesn’t sacrifice the quality, then you genuinely should take a look at the Samsonite Midnightlight two Softside.

Along with the significant compartment, this suitcase additionally comes with three zippered pockets on the outside. This baggage case doesn’t have tons of organizational utility as some of our different options; however, it’s lightweight and top-notch for a traveler aware they won’t want a lot of space.

Samsonite Midnightlight Two Softside Spinner

Multi-directional spherical spinner wheels permit convenient mobility throughout all surfaces, and the ultra-lightweight nylon material with the water-resistant coating is high-quality for convenient traveling. The built-in carry-handles grant remedy when hauling a packed case.

Simple, however useful, the Samsonite Midnightlight two Softside is a perfect desire if you search for a luggage case with all possible measures.

7. Skyway Mirage Superlight 28 Inch Expandable

Now let’s test the suitcase by Skyway. This Skyway Mirage Superlight 28 Inch Expandable suitcase would make for the best travel partner, no matter your tour style.

A full-length mesh pocket is the best area for your undergarments, belts, ties, and small, easy-to-lose valuables. Along with the most crucial storage, there are two zippered pockets on the backyard of the bag’s case, which provides that little more excellent storage for these integral souvenirs!

The ‘Expandable’ in the identity refers to how handy it is to amplify the essential compartment of this suitcase, merely an easy pull of a zipper, and you’ve received some more area for that ultimate pair of jeans! Premium lightweight sides and substances have been chosen by way of Skyway to make a nice, mild suitcase.

With a spinner wheel system for handy motion, whether or not portable lightweight easy to carry, the S

Skyway Mirage Superlight 28 Inch Expandable

kyway Mirage Superlight Expandable is an outstanding selection.

Skyway Mirage Superlight 28 Inch Expandable is an achievement and would make a tremendous asset no depending on how long the way you’re traveling.

8. Victorinox Spectra two 29 Inch

Next up, we have the Victorinox Spectra two 29 Inch baggage suitcase case. Build with a stylish matte finish material; this suitcase is desirable if that’s one of your requirements!

The cut-up case design permits for most enterprise for the OCD amongst us. The pinnacle compartment has a zip-around mesh door that will remain impervious to all your objects in place. In contrast, the backside compartment uses Y-shaped compression straps and a zipper pocket to maintain all your items in place.


The Victorinox Spectra two additionally comes with an integrated, TSA permitted aggregate lock. TSA approval enables USA authorities to open the lock except for breaking it in case of bags loss. This makes this suitcase an excellent desire for worldwide travel, in particular to the States.

The Victorinox Spectra, two 29 Inch tour cases, is one of the more excellent top rates picks on this list; however, it wears this name with satisfaction and has a notable perfect and style stage.

9. Lucas Luggage Printed Softside Expandable Suitcase

Are you searching for something a bit extra unique and eye-catching, then you genuinely can’t look previous to the Printed Lucas Luggage Softside 28 Inch Expandable Suitcase.

This suitcase comes with two zipper pockets on its outer face, alongside a zipper pocket in the top compartment—the primary container additionally elements compression straps to preserve all your garments tightly closed and organized.

Lucas Vortex Lite Expandable Ultra Lightweight Spinner

The clear draw-in for this object is its printed pattern. This lovely clothier sample will maintain you fashionably on the go and is splendid if you prefer to make a little announcement with your luggage! 

The Lucas Carry OnLuggage Printed Softside 28 Inch Expandable Suitcase is not just elegant and fashionable; it also doesn’t sacrifice high-quality and functionality, a splendid desire for any traveler.

10. AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage 29 Inch Luggage

Amazon continues its dominance in online shopping, and its AmazonBasics line is no different. AmazonBasics affords excellent, less costly day-to-day items, and the amazon basics Softside Spinner Luggage 29 Inch continues this sentiment.

The case sides a cloth lining which protects all your gadgets from scratches and snags. The three indoor pockets permit for the impervious organization, have a zipper for securing your valuables. For its more cost-effective price, this baggage indeed continues matters neat and organized.

Amazonbasics Softside Spinner Luggage

With telescoping and a four-wheel spinning design, this suitcase is exceedingly effortless to cope with on any surface. The case additionally has an expandable structure, which offers you that more significant room when you want it and much less room when you don’t!

With a less high cease price, the AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage 29 Inch nonetheless affords exquisite quality and will surely provide you bang for your buck.

What to look for when buying the Best Suitcase for International Travel?

What makes the excellent suitcase for worldwide travel relies upon on a few things. So let’s look a bit nearer at a few of the factors you should keep in mind when buying lightweight luggage.

1. Size

The dimension of your suitcase is a non-public choice. However, I advocate you buy a case simply as massive as you need. Purchasing a bag too large provides useless weight that you should lift while traveling, and having excellent stuff with you

In the opinions under are each massive and smaller sized baggage options. So, anything your choice, no doubt there is something best for you! Also, on the desk above, I have protected all the suitcases’ sizes for your convenience.

2. Weight

With airways being strict on your checked luggage’s weight, it is remarkable necessary to pick out the lightest suitcase that nevertheless meets your requirements. Some bags can be unnecessarily heavy, ingesting into your valuable baggage allowance. While different suitcases are so mild that they don’t provide any safety for your assets inside.

When thinking about the weight of your suitcase, you will want to think about a few things. If you choose a complicated aspect case, you’re going to have to receive that your bag will be a little heavier than it would be if it were once a tender facet case.

Of route, if you prefer a giant suitcase, it’s additionally going to be weighed a little more significant than what a smaller bag would. Check the actual fabric it’s made of; many are lighter AND stronger, and however, that’ll come at a price. If it’s less expensive and delicate, it may also no longer stand inappropriate handling!

Quality additionally comes into play when thinking about the weight of your suitcase. If a briefcase is massive and cheap, it’s possibly no longer providing your private property a lot of protection. Whereas as an appropriate exceptional giant mild suitcase usually is going to be a bit pricey.

3. Wheels

Suitcases come with a vast number variety of wheels, with the most frequent being two or four. A two-wheel bag, additionally recognized as rollers, requires you to tilt it to wheel it and it doesn’t without problems go round corners or through slender spaces. What’s irritating is that two wheels suitcases have a tendency to fall over when left unaided, and it’s not possible to pull greater than one.

However, there are some blessings of using one a two-wheel lift on a suitcase over a four or greater wheeled one. Two-wheel bags are generally less difficult to pull at the back of you, and pretty regularly, for departure, you will tend to desire to remove your case as an alternative than push it.

Two-wheel baggage selections tend to deal with cobblestones and uneven surfaces a good deal higher than different cases.

Four-wheel suitcases additionally acknowledged as spinners are now turning into widespread and are ways less complicated to maneuver around busy airports. Four-wheel bags without problems strike in any direction, inclusive of going round corners with ease.

A gentle push on the take care of is typically required to go the suitcase around the airport and doesn’t require you to maintain any weight.

4. Compartments

Suitcases with expandable cubicles are exceptional as they furnish you with a region to keep a range of purchases at some stage in your travels. No want to purchase an extra bag; you surely unzip the expandable compartment for extra space.

Some bags come with several cubicles and pockets, each internal and backyard the suitcase for you to manipulate your belongings.

5. Hard or Soft

Softshell baggage usually weighs much less however aren’t typically fantastic for preserving for your property nicely included – in particular, more cost-effective suitcases. While difficult shell instances do a higher job of defending your belongings, they weigh a fair bit more than their tender case counterparts.

I have covered an alternate of each tender and difficult suitcases in this information, so no depend on what your choice is; there must be the best suitcase for you.

6. Handles

Ensure your suitcase has a cop that retracts shortly and efficiently, as handles that don’t can be an actual pain when you are strolling through a busy airport. It’s also encouraged that you seem to handle tall enough to enable you to pull your bags at a satisfying arm size while again contracting to mid-way.

7. Water Resistant

A water-resistant bag offers you more safety when touring in moist weather. While water-resistant baggage isn’t designed to be water proof, they provide you that more bit of time to look for a haven or pull out a rain cover besides having your private assets getting wet.

8. Luggage guarantee

If you intend to invest a first rate quantity of cash into a suitcase, make sure it comes with a warranty. Many of the top suitcase manufacturers have contracts; however, this is no longer usually frequent with more cost-effective brands.

I surprisingly suggest that if the suitcase you choose to purchase comes in quite a few colors, you go for the brightest coloration or design. If you should get a black bag, make sure you stick a shiny ribbon onto it so you can locate it quickly.

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