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Categories: Carry On Luggage

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Lucas Vortex Lite Expandable Ultra-Lightweight Spinner

Last Updated on July 4, 2022 by travelenviro

Lucas Vortex Lite Expandable Ultra-Lightweight Spinner

With thousands of bags available, it is effortless to get overwhelmed about making the right choice. With more people visiting around the world every year, there are many appropriate finances manufacturers out there right now, fortunately taking benefit of all this more custom.

Today, we’re taking a look at a rapidly increasing name in journey gear, Lucas Luggage.

In this article, we will discuss Lucas Luggage reviews, prices, warranty, reliability, durability, and features and compare with other brands.

Why Should You Buy Lucas Luggage?

There are numerous causes why Lucas is an excellent department preference if you are searching to pick out some new luggage. First off is virtually value. Lucas makes exceptional products for the price, with many built-in choices and excellent aspects in contrast to a similar fashion priced brands.

The second purpose of picking Lucas is variety. They have a wide variety of different patterns of baggage available. So, no matter who you are and what you’re searching for, you are going to be in a position to discover a product that fits your needs. That’s great, mainly at this rate point of the best luggage

The third is the dimension and storage. In each product we appeared at, the quantity of inner storage room in contrast to the case’s whole extent was once generous. Plus, a lot of their gentle facet or raise on instances are additionally expandable, some by way of a reasonably massive amount.

When you take this into account alongside the truth that Lucas instances are all fairly compactly built, with no wasted space, then you recognize that you are getting a splendid deal for your money.

In this Lucas carry on article, we will discuss customer reviews, prices, warranty, reliability, durability, and features and compare with other brands.


· Affordable

The starting price of Lucas’s backpack is low, and that is 50$. Although it is not the more cheap brand, it has affordable prices.

· Lightweight

On average, the Lucas carry on weighs 7.9 lbs, but the Lucas ultra-lightweight luggage weighs just 5.8 lbs. So it is lightweight which is easy to carry, especially during travel.


· Warranty claim is useless

It is challenging to contact Lucas support, and they do respond very late. The warranty terms are not suitable as the customer has to bear the shipping cost. Lucas luggage company does not cover shipping costs. So buy a new Lucas carry on if there is damage in the Lucas bag.

· Not Suitable for frequent travelers.

For the people who frequently travel, Lucas bag is not suitable. Its durability and reliability are good for those who travel off and on.

Lucas Luggage Reviews

As we Lucas luggage reviews on amazon, we will notice that mostly Lucas suitcase is getting 3.9-4.5 stars. Many customers have been using affordable luggage for many years, and they show their interest in buying in the future. Lucas luggage company website has many regular customers, as repeat customers.

As customers agree that these Lucas ultra lightweight luggage are not suitable for regular travel, although this international leisure luggage is reasonable and cheap, these Lucas suitcase are reliable and durable, so customers like to buy them.

There are some common issues which customers have:

Ø As they advertised that these Lucas suitcases are lightweight, but sometimes they are heavy than advertised.

Ø On the Lucas 16-inch Underseater, the top handle is not stitched properly.

Ø Response speed is too much slow; it takes weeks to reply about the warranty.

Ø There are not proper side handles of Lucas ultra-lightweight luggage

  • Luggage type: Standing checked suitcase
  • Dimensions: 30” x 18” x 11”
  • Weight: 7.2lbs (3.2kgs)
  • Internal capacity: 100l (112l)

Our top choice, this case, gives you precisely what most vacationers are going to be searching for, at a, in reality, reasonable price of the luggage spinner.

First off, the construction! As Lucas’ first-class piece of bags, it stands to motive that the Ultra Lightweight 28″ Case exemplifies the whole lot we have stated about Lucas as a company so far. It’s reliable in construction phases and, if appeared after, will remain an excellent long time.

There are some best touches. The eight wheels are made of excessively affect polyurethane and are tough and challenging, making it handy to drag even when it is full. It additionally sits honestly low on its wheels, giving it a secure middle of stability that makes it tough to tip over. This capability, as soon as you are moving, momentum does the relaxation to maintain it going, even when it’s at most capacity.



The handles are additionally excellent. There are a couple of constructed into the case, giving you numerous convenient methods to pass it. The pinnacle cope with is giant and convenient to hold, matches the hand correctly, and it’s made from plane grade aluminium, so won’t buckle or flex.


What does stand out when you are retaining this case is the weight. It’s ridiculously mild for a case of this size. Compared to equivalents, it is around 25% lighter than you’d count on it to be, which is magnificent as it offers you, so a lot greater capability to play with.

Maximum Packing Space

Despite the mild weight, you’ll find out significant quantities of packing space when you open it up. The massive amount of Internal and exterior pockets make organizing your assets an awful lot simpler.


The whole case is made from high-density plastic, which is exceedingly difficult and easy to clean. You can wipe it down to get rid of the most frequent stains. In design phrases, it comes in a wide variety of colours, such as bolder patterns that are contemporary, beautiful, and assured to stand out in a crowded airport.

Customer Warranty 

Like most Lucas products, it comes with a 5-year warranty, although we noted the troubles with Lucas’ contracts earlier, so we possibly wouldn’t count number on it.

Apart from assurance issue, which doesn’t trouble you are paying the price, there’s much to love about this product. Light, durable, massive quantities of packing space, for vacation trips or enterprise travelling, is undoubtedly a first-rate choice.


Prices of Lucas ultra-light suitcase are quietly reasonable as compare to the other brands.

  • Price of softside suitcase: 50-100$
  • Price of a hard-side suitcase: 60-100$
  • Price of luggage set: 180-250$


Lucas carryons are primarily lightweight. It is beneficial during traveling you can easily carry it. Sometimes you have to face weight restrictions; you have to pay some amount if you are overweight. In this overweight, some times your carry on weight also causes of overweight. So you can save money.


As it is designed for travel. The fabric used in it is polyester, and the hard side is made of ABS. So these materials are cheaply available.

Double Spinner Wheels.

Double wheels are more durable as compare to the regular ones. Wheels last longer because of their rubber. We suggest you not buy four wheels but eight wheels,

Expandable Zippers

When you buy international leisure luggage, always prefer an expandable zipper one because it enhances packing capacity.

Basic Packing Options

When you buy, always consider the number of pockets for your organized items, like the outer pocket for immediate access and the inner one for your documents, etc.

Double wheels are more durable as compare to the regular ones. Wheels last longer because of their rubber. We suggest you not buy four wheels but eight wheels,


Although it is an affordable brand, most cheap luggage looks simple, but some models have a colorful range. It also has a variety for professionals.



Following are some frequently ask questions by the customer about Luggage they are as under

How is the lightweight Lucas luggage beneficial for us?

When you are on travel, you can carry anything heavy without worrying about suitcase weight as it is weightless so you can quickly move and travel by holding it.

Is it essential to have expandable luggage?

Expandable luggage is beneficial when you have more things and need more space, as expandable suitcases enhance packing space.


Is softshell luggage better or hardshell luggage?

It depends on your usage and requirements. If you want lightweight and more compartments to arrange your things, you must choose softshell luggage, but if you wish to more safety of your things regarding damage during travel, you must go for hardshell luggage.

Are these Lucas suitcases have different designs and colors?

Absolutely yes, Lucas suitcases are available in different colors and designs. You will enjoy your travel and like to wear these suitcases.


Choosing Lucas Luggage is the proper choice if you prefer something light-weight carry on and hard sufficient to be used as a general-purpose tour case a few instances a year. With that in mind, there’s no longer a lot higher than the Lucas Designer Ultralight collection.
Good looking, inexpensive, with heaps of room constructed into an unquestionably mild frame, if you are searching for something to use as a light-weight principal checked case, there’s no longer lots better.



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