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Major Checklist You Should Take In your Bag While Moving to Thailand

Last Updated on December 29, 2020 by travelenviro

Major Checklist You Should Take In your Bag While Moving to Thailand

What do you think about your actual moving to Thailand checklist? Let’s help you a bit with it by sharing a complete list given below! Some of the main items which need to be part of your checklist are:

  • Accommodation or living area in Thailand
  • Visas before moving to Thailand 
  • Thailand bank accounts 
  • Driving license 
  • Healthcare and life insurance policy 

Now below, we will be discussing all the significant elements one by one for moving to Thailand from the USA: 

1. Accommodation or living area in Thailand

We all know that Thailand is a big city and sometimes it becomes so much tricky for you to pick one accommodation for your living. Some of the ex-pats make their way to Bangkok as is expected. This city is diverse in its business and entertainment opportunities. But overpopulation has contributed to causing the town to face the issue of pollution. 

Accomodation In Thailand News Item Slider T1560852030

Phuket and Pattaya are the two most famous cities of Thailand for working ex-pats. This place is considered to be the central hub of construction and shipping jobs. Some people even made their way to this city to have some beach fun and experience the life of tourism. To enjoy island life’s beauty, Koh Samui is another top most popular place with the ex-pats. 

2. Visas before moving to Thailand

Thailand is always considering having specific changes in their resident or retirement visa plans. Thailand visa is divided into so many types in which we have a resident permit and retirement visa plan.

For Thailand working visa, it is essential to have all the necessary documentation by the employer’s side and make sure your business favors the Thailand economy chart. If you are still unemployed, your new employer must write a letter or application to the embassy for the post-confirmation. This visa is known as Non-Immigrant Visa B.

Thailand Visa

If you are getting married to the Thai Nationality or wish to retire in Thailand, you need to apply for the Non-Immigrant O Visa. For retirement, you should be 50 years, and your income has to be around 65,000 THB (approx. 2,200 USD) or the account balance of 800,000 THB (approx. 26,000USD) in your bank. Plus, you should also have a medical health certificate.

3. Thailand bank accounts

If you are relocating yourself to Thailand for a more extended period, then it is crucial to have your bank account for the money transfer. Different banks have their condition for opening local bank accounts for which they demand various documentations. A few of the essential documents which are required to open a bank account are as mentioned below:

  • Driving license 
  • Letter by the side of the landlord 
  • Visa documentation
  • Reference letter by the front of Thai embassy or university
  • Reference letter from ‘reputable’ Thai citizen
  • Photo ID or the passport

Some of the banks are just suitable for the ex-pats. Some of the top-recommended banks are UOB bank, Citibank, CIMB, Bangkok Bank, and Siam Commercial Bank.

4. Driving license for Thailand

To be capable of driving in Thailand legally, you have to practice for Thai support. This license can additionally serve as a neighborhood ID too. If you drive an auto or motorbike in Thailand without the right permission, you are in all likelihood to invalidate your insurance, as well as ruin the law.

If you are riding a bike, the regulation states that you should always wear a helmet. A Thailand license for driving can be performed in a day, prices a few hundred baht, and is then additionally legitimate in 10 different ASEAN countries. You can take pets with you to Thailand if you observe some simple guidelines and fill in the quintessential paperwork.



You have to get an English written health certificate for your pet. It should have been vaccinated in opposition to infections or contagious diseases. The country of origin pet has to be free from rabies for at least the remaining 12 months, or the animal was once vaccinated for rabies with a legit vaccine no much less than 21 days earlier than departure.

5. Healthcare and insurance plan coverage

Thailand has two kinds of hospitals; government-run and privately run. Overall, healthcare in Thailand is of a precise standard, which is excellent information if you are selecting to go there. The drawback to government-run healthcare is that ready instances can be very long. Should you want pressing care, you may additionally have delays in treatment, which isn’t relevant news.

In addition to this, the world is vast, and relying on the place you selected to cross should affect healthcare further. If you are some distance from a vital fitness facility, such as inland or on an island, you may also no longer get the care you want or want to be transferred to a preeminent medical institution and should take time due to waits.

Insurance Thai

Taking out a complete healthcare coverage in Thailand to cover your healthcare needs and want them in the future is particularly recommended. Private Thai healthcare offers you access to personal amenities as nicely as viewed and dealt with plenty higher quickly.

Did you know that your current trendy lifestyle insurance plan and scientific insurance plan insurance policies are not likely to be legitimate if you are transferring to any other country? If you are relocating, you will want to take a look at this with your present-day issuer and see a new coverage or company relying on the place if you are shifting to. Healthcare International has all of the scientific and lifestyle insurance policies you will want when you cross to Thailand, no matter where you are coming from.


These have been a few essential points that you probably need to keep in mind when moving to Thailand for the first time. You need to relax and not fuss off your account against any hurdles while staying in Thailand. Take each step carefully and with full planning to be a part of Thailand’s population.

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