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Grand Palace Thailand

Last Updated on January 5, 2021 by travelenviro

Major Things you should know before moving to Thailand

Are you planning to move to Thailand very soon? No doubt, Thailand is the most popular destination globally.

Thailand has an incredible culture, long history, best weather, stunning beaches, and much more to witness once in a lifetime. If you are moving to Thailand alone, then there are a few essential considerations that you need to keep in mind. This blog guide will explain all the bits and pieces about moving to Thailand from the UK.  

Below we will be discussing all those significant aspects and things to know before moving to Thailand safely: 

Check your costs of living.

For moving to Thailand, it is essential to get an idea about how much Thailand’s lifestyle costs. The Northside of Thailand is relatively cheap as compared to the Southside. But the south is too much distance away from the coast. Bangkok is the central city of Thailand, which is quite expensive than the rest of the Thailand cities. But Bangkok brings more opportunities for the people to earn an extra amount with some great entertainment options. Make sure you create a proper budget plan which is based on your affordability level. 

Choose the perfect places for accommodation. 

Once you have created your budget, make sure you compare it with all the Thailand cities one by one. First of all, make your mind about what exactly you are hoping to do in Thailand. Are you visiting this destination for entertainment purposes or business trips? Thailand will make you offer everything, and hence the choices are too much vast. So take some time and think about it!


Now it’s time to speak about some important stuff! Thailand’s visa has always remained a complicated subject to talk about. The whole visa application procedure can be either short or long, based on the reason you are visiting Thailand. Contact the embassy near you and apply for it.

Buying your insurance

Having an acceptable insurance policy is so much important. If you are a healthy person and are traveling to Thailand for a short period, you can quickly get any regular travel insurance. But if you are visiting it for an extended period, then try to look for medical insurance. It might be expensive, but it will permit you to stay in Thailand on specific terms at the end of the day. 


It would be best if you were visiting the nearest travel clinic centers and pick the immediate vaccinations as it is essential for travel.

Learn the Local language

As you plan to a new destination or any country, make sure you know its local language. It would help if you learned some basic phrases and words of Thailand’s local language. Thailand people show their ultimate love and affection when they look at any outsider person speaking their local language. 

What are the essential Pros and Cons of Moving to Thailand?

Do you want to know what the significant pros and cons of moving to Thailand are? If you are moving to any new city for the first time, you will probably be interested in knowing about some of its essential pros and cons. Hence the same is the case with Thailand as well. Let s spot some light on some pros and cons of Thailand:

Accommodation in Thailand

  • You can look for so many accommodation options in case if you are moving to Thailand. They are categorized into traditional Thai housing as well as some modern apartments or villas.
  • Accommodation in Thailand is quite a lot expensive. If any ex-pat cannot speak Thai, it might be tricky to look for affordable accommodation. So it is essential to learn some Thai language so it can be easy for you in terms of bargaining.


Lifestyle and culture of Thailand

  • As the tourism industry offers so many exciting and best business opportunities, Thailand has even drawn a wide range of ex-pats in the last 20 years. Krabi is already filled with so many amazing people who belong to different nationalities. Ex-pats Hence, ex-pats are guaranteed to be exposed to some unique cultures and get a chance to meet the people of various cultures.
  • The biggest drawback of their lifestyle has been the language barrier. Just a less number of populations in Thailand can speak English, and a large amount speaks Thai. This creates an issue for the new people in Thailand to communicate with the people as they do not know enough Thai language. 


Nightlife in Thailand

  • Thailand offers excellent entertainment in terms of nightlife, which is night markets, beach bars, and full moon parties. Shops are mostly open late at night.
  • You can expect just a few dance parties in Thailand nightlife. There are quite a few nightclubs that are only opened on specific days and for specific hours.

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